Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Sisters!

These pictures were too cute not to share! They show a good comparison in sizes for the two little ones! I guess I should have gotten Sofia the 2T top like Mila! (Sofia's is 18-24 months and already getting small!)

"Should have had a V-8!" 

Making faces at the dog! 

 (Many people ask what Mila's necklace is for. It's a Baltic Amber Teething necklace! Even though she's not currently teething, we keep it on because it's become her "soothie"...she rubs it when she is sad or tired!)

This is Mila's stare down! Sofia took her toy, Mila stole it back (in her right hand) and then threw it to the ground as she stared Sofia down like this! LOL! 

Both babes are getting haircuts (just trims) on Wednesday! 

Please say a little prayer for Sofia. She had her tubes and sedated ABR on Tuesday. She had an allergic reaction to the tape adhesive they used to tape her eyes down during the procedure. That cleared up with some benedryl, but she's not been herself emotionally since. When she came out of the procedure I saw fears for maybe the first time ever. She was afraid of the nurses, of the beeping, and of the oxygen. It makes me wonder what old memories the procedure stirred up. She's showing some behaviors that we haven't seen since the first month or two home. We'll work through it and she'll be just fine, but it's frustrating to see such little things cause such big set backs in our kiddos sometimes :( And more frustrating to not be able to help much, or know what she's thinking/feeling. 


  1. What adorable little Doll Faces :) Yes always size up with tops.... That way they last longer :)are you guys on instagram? If not you should be... Im sure you have photo overload of the daily cuteness with them

  2. Such SWEET little sisters! My favorite pic is the one where Mila, Sofia, AND Maya are all looking right the camera! I also love the two little bottoms turned up with the faces looking under the furniture! Such cuties!! Prayers for Sofia to be herself again...I know she will! (((BIG HUGS)))!!

  3. Poor Sofia, it would be interesting to know what from her past came back to haunt her after her procedure. She will be fine with all your love and security. Thanks for much for sharing the girls with your readers, we so enjoy reading your posts. Carol

  4. I LOVE all of these pictures! Your daughter's are the best dressed kids ever:) Hope the ABR came out fantastic. Thinking of Sofia and that she will be back to her old self SOON:)

    Susan from Boston

  5. Your girls are so adorable! They have the cutest smiles! We'll definitely pray for Sofia..

  6. SO CUTE! I truly don't know how you get anything done with those 3 cuties. Praying for Sofia. Bless her heart. Dariya freaked out with all the noises after her tube surgery too. I think she could hear so well for the first time that it was overwhelming. Hope Sofia is back to her normal self asap.