Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Mila and Sofia are much more cooperative in letting me take 100 pictures of them than Zoya girl these days! She just doesn't have time for pictures lately! I managed to snap a few of her yesterday when I grabbed my camera, but I had to twist her arm...sooooo here are a bunch of mostly Mila and Sofia. I've got the most adorable kids if I do say so myself ;) I think it's pretty easy to tell them apart, but in case you get stumped, Sofia has the green bow and Mila always has her necklace on. (By the way for those that have asked, it's a baltic amber teething necklace. Google can tell you all about it!) Mila is getting a few more curls in her locks but only on the left side of her head haha, and Sofia seems to have a ton more since her hair cut! 

 (Mila-she has been lovin' the bear crawling lately!)

 (She's actually cracking up here, not crying!!)

Both girls are currently teething......oiy! 

And they still insist on sticking their fingers in the other ones mouth to see what will happen, almost always with the same end result! 

Mila looks like a giant here! She is only about 3 pounds ahead of Sofia now, and I'm not sure how much taller. I'm thinking she's got her by a bit on height! 

The hitting stage........(with Mila it's more like a tap haha) 

There she is! 

Still one of Zoya's favorite games! 

Such an awesome big sister! 

One more failed attempt at a picture of all 3 :) At least they're all there! 


  1. These wonderful photos are a testament to you how great you are caring for these little girls. The are just doing fantastic. Mila especially looked very fragile at the orphanage but you would never know it now. And get your photos while you can because as they get older the photo ops will be fewer and fewer; believe me I know. Eventually you may get something in passing but we'll take whatever we can get. I do hope you can extend your home to a couple more children who could use your great love and care.

  2. ALL your girls are darling. I started following your blog when you were getting Mila and for some reason she has found a very tender spot in my heart, not to mention she has the beautiful white blonde hair and blue eyes same as one of my girls. I think Mila may be the cutest baby EVER. So, if one day you think to yourself, "dang it! If only Mila had a godmother or an aunt Sally in Boise Idaho, her life would be complete,", please give a holler ASAP, I'm up for the job. Two of my girls are from Ukraine too.

  3. Three beauties...on a beautiful summer evening! Love these pics! Oh the sweetness!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  4. You do indeed have three little beauties there! And growing so fast, too! Hope you all are enjoying your summer thus far! Lori

  5. Very pretty girls!! I have all boys right now. Hoping some day I have a girl to dress up and put bows on!