Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Fun with the Light Box!

Since Zoya was at school when I did the light box with the little ones, she got her turn while they were napping yesterday! We've worked really hard this summer on simple consonant-vowel-consonant words and learned some word families. Here we were working on the "at" family. Zoya was sounding out the words and changing out the first letter to make new words! Love seeing her face in these pictures, working so hard to read the words! I love these little transparent colored letters. Grandma and Grandpa B got them for Zoya :) 

I gave her a pile of letters to spell her name. 

So proud of herself! 

She's learning to spell her sister's names too! 

Then we worked on some counting! 

I love our little light box and so do the girls! There are so many uses for it! 


  1. I'll be working with preschoolers that have various types of visual impairments, and your light-box is definitely something they'll enjoy. Can you tell me how you made it?

  2. This is awesome! The pics are great - I can hear her little voice sounding out the letters! Good job Zoya!!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  3. Hard to believe how big Zoya is getting since I began following your wonderful blog! Such a smart and beautiful girl you are, Zoya--way to go! Lori

  4. Do you use a big flashlight for your light source? I want to make one for our Peds clinic and I don't want electrical wires.