Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sofia's 2nd Birthday Fun!

We started Sofia's birthday celebration the weekend before her birthday! We had to have TWO cakes to make up for missing her first birthday! Grandma and Grandpa B came to celebrate! She got so very excited when she realized the cake and singing were for HER! It was the sweetest thing ever :) 

 (P.S. See that "2" candle, I bought it for Zoya's THIRD birthday and when I came home with it Shawn told me she was turning 3, which I clearly KNEW, and I cried HAHAHHA....So we used it for Sofia-I guess I forgot we had it for Mila's 2nd!). 

Opening a birthday gift from G & G B. 

We celebrated on Tuesday, her actual birth day, again! 
Sofia started her special day with a gluten free chocolate cookie! 

I had bought her an adorable girly outfit-a jumper I won in an online auction and I was so excited for her to wear it for her birthday. I put it on her and Shawn and I just giggled, it was WAY too frilly for our Sofia girl, and it was too big anyways :( So I quickly changed her into some converse shoes, knee socks, a tutu and her "2" t-shirt! Ahh, much better! 

She was unwrapping her big birthday gift! 

Yes that is Christmas paper and some other random striped paper. For child #3, we're not quite as over the top as we used to be LOL! 

Sofia finally has her own chair just like her sisters! 

Zoya was chomping at the bit to "help" Sofia unwrap her presents! 

Just what every wild 2 year old tom boy needs....a weighted gel medicine ball! HA.HA.! (She also got her very own weighted vest but I just felt wrong wrapping that up and telling her it was a present!)

A present from Aunt Stacey, Uncle Bryan and cousin Ella! 

These awesome stacking blocks were a hit! Sofia has only injured one sibling with them so far! ;)

Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol babysat Mila and Zoya so Shawn and I could have some special time with Sofia on her birthday. It's a tradition in our family now :) Daddy let her drive while we were waiting for the rain to stop (we were sitting in the parking lot, worries!)

"Don't take your eyes off the road and NO texting while driving" says Daddy.

Checking her mirrors....

Surprised she didn't get a speeding ticket! 

Both adorable and terrifying at the same time! 

We took her out to dinner. She doesn't get to go out to dinner often...with 3 little ones now, those days are far behind us :) We chose a place with a great gluten free menu! 

She was being a little silly with all the attention from mama and daddy! 

I think she might be 16 and still have that binky.....

Sofia is such a little go-getter! She got to the puddle and since we wouldn't let her sit down it in, bust into tears and full out tantrum HAHA! 

Next up was a trip to the toy strore to pick out a birthday present! 

It was so funny to see her zooming so fast through the isles. She was definitely sensory overloaded, but loved it! 

She turned corners at rapid speed! 

It didn't take her long to find her favorite TV star :)  All 3 of the girls have LOVED Elmo at this age! 

Wonder what she's thinking here....

See the big kid in the background playing with toys too? (She pushed this Elmo around for a while but it is not the toy we left with!)

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" 

She was quickly distracted with the big kid cars! 

Pretty cute, but maybe not the best fit....

Oh, yes, here we go! MUCH better! 

Here is the toy we left with-a pink basketball hoop!! 

Sofia's first ever smash cake :) If you missed the video, it's worth watching! Check it out here!

"For Me!!" 

Zoya is a blur from jumping up and down!

Getting some birthday tickles from big sister! Don't tell her but it was a chocolate zucchini cake...don't think she minded at all! 

After having her other cake with Grandma and Grandpa B, she totally knew what to do and tried to blow out the candles! 


She kept flinging her hands in excitement and cake was flying everywhere! 

Nom Nom Nom! 

"What happened?" says Zoya! 


Daddy kindly offered to bath her <3 haha="" nbsp="" p="" so="" thankful="">

And just for fun :) 

Fresh and clean and ready for night night :) 

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! I'm happy to say my prediction of at least 2 ER visits before her 2nd birthday was not accurate, but it's only been by the grace of God! HAHA!


  1. Love her expression at the smash cake! Priceless!

  2. What wonderful pictures of the birthday girl. Her presents are the best, she certainly will enjoy them all. Just think last year her birthday was probably just another day in the orphanage for her. Or maybe she made a wish she would have a forever family soon, if so her wish came true. What a lucky little girl to have such a loving family and friends. Carol

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAUTIFUL SOFIA!! She is such a delight and WOW, girlfriend sure has got energy to SPARE LOL! Love the photo of you and Sofia BOTH eating birthday cake--so cute! I hope Miss Sofia sleeps through the night for you guys because if not, mama and daddy must be EXHAUSTED! ;) I can just picture her behind the wheel of a car after seeing those precious photos of her with her daddy. Good thing that's well into the future ---you guys would be prematurely gray LOL!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sofia. Loved the pictures!

  5. I am laughing so hard!!! Love this sweet little peanut!! The pic of her nearly upside in the bag is one of my faves (despite the fact that I can't see her joyful face)!! I also love how Zoya (and Maya) always seem so attentive to her! What a blessing that they are sisters! The side by side of Mama and Sofia is precious! Glad the SMASH CAKE tradition is being carried on...too funny! And the only other thing I can say with certainty is.....Move over fellow drivers.....Sofia is on the road!!!! Love your girls!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  6. All the pictures are good but one of my favorite pictures is Sofia head first into her new girly chair with her tutu on and the knee socks and Converse sticking up in the air.Carol

  7. I always enjoy seeing Sofia's unbridled expressions. Happy birthday, Sofia-and many, many more!