Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zoya-On the Mend!

Thanks for all your sweet comments asking about Zoya. She came home from the hospital Monday evening on some strong antibiotics. She is eating much better (still trying to gain back the 2 pounds she lost), and isn't complaining of anything hurting. She is still pretty tired and is napping about 2 hours a day and sleeping about 12 hours overnight. I hope all that rest is helping her little body heal. She still has the petechiae, although they FINALLY seem to be fading a little. We're still pretty concerned about the fact that she still has petechiae-going on almost 3 weeks now :( A week from Tuesday she has at appointment at the children's hospital with a hematology specialist to look into that further. She stayed home from school all week trying to heal. We're going to try shortened days (2 hours) on Monday and Tuesday and see how she does. She is getting bored with me! She'll also follow up with urology as well.

The final outcome of her hospital stay is still somewhat unknown. We had a great doctor on Monday and he sat with me and explained everything and really tried to get to the bottom of what was going on with Zoya. He said her bloodwork showed a pretty recent (but not current) infection of mono. My theory is that her body was so weak from recovering from that (since it happened right when we were taking her naps away and right when school started) that some little bacteria took the opportunity to invade her weak little body. She responded so well to the antibiotics that we're certain there was a bacterial infection of some sort, even thought he doctors didn't agree on where it was (some said UTI and others said no).

The hospital was opening a new PEDS floor in a new part of their hospital, so Zoya got to be the first PEDS patient on the new floor. She was transferred there Monday and treated like a Queen. I guess there are more exciting things to "win" but we'll take it HAHA.

Also, she just happened to have a tube check at ENT on Thursday and we discussed sleep apnea. We've always thought she likely has sleep apnea due to her sleep behaviors, but after spending 2 nights with her in the hospital I am even more convinced she has sleep apnea. Since her anxiety prevents her from being able to complete a sleep study, I asked the doctor what his thoughts were. He said her tonsils looked okay and that the adenoids usually follow suit. He decided to do an xray of her adenoids and they are pretty large, blocking about 70% of her airway behind her nose. It's just like Zoya to never follow the "rules." So, she'll be scheduled to have her tonsils and adenoids out, but I want to make sure she's FULLY recovered from all this first. Poor girl hardly EVER missed school in the past 2 years and this just does not seem to be her year so far!

Thanks to Aunt Carol and Gramma Liz for helping with the little ones
and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa B. for coming up Sunday to help out!! We're blessed to have so many amazing family and friends to help us in times of need!

Here are some pictures from her hospital stay!

Listening to her headphones! 
Thanks to Uncle Mike and Aunt Carol we have another iPod to use so we didn't have to steal Mila's!

Lots of sleeping :)

Our favorite nurse printed off some Minnie coloring pages :)

Zoya loved her room much in fact, she would only eat the first morning home if we put a lid on her meal HAHA! 

She loved riding in the wheelchair to her new room! 

I had to laugh. She got a glove, crawled in bed with her bear, grabbed a purple crayon and was doing a blood draw from her bear. I figured we'd been there long enough at that point :( 

Lunch! Mashed potatoes and baked chicken with chocolate ice cream for dessert! 

She was getting stir crazy and found a fun hiding place HA!

A short nap while we waited for an xray.

And finally, home we go! 

Here was her "I'll only eat with a lid" breakfast :) 

Last night Zoya's teacher and classroom assistant stopped by to give her some hugs and bring this sweet get well poster from her class. 

The Spitz Family also stopped by for a little playdate last night but with all the craziness we didn't get any pictures. The ONLY way I could get Zoya through some of the blood draws was promising her she'd see "Sara and Gavin." She talked about the two of them so much that the nurses asked if they were her brother and sister. She forgot about her real sisters, apparently :) We even made up a song that went like this, "Sara and Gavin love Miss Zoya, Sara and Gavin want to play...." (repeat). We sang it through her blood draws and owies. So we were thankful for their visit since Zoya did NOT forget that I promised her she could see them! Here's hoping we're done with this sickness once and for all! 


  1. Thanks for the update, I checked your blog everyday to see how Z was doing. So glad she is home!

  2. Thank you for the update on Zoya, your readers were most concerned. What a day the Spitz's had-a nice with you and them hearing that Lyla was approved to go to Boston. Looking forward to seeing Sofia's birthday pictures. Now that Zoya is home we hope that you can now get some rest and get back to a "routine" schedule. Carol

  3. Awww keep feeling better Zoya. Such a beautiful, brave girl.

    Hang in there too Momma.


  4. Precious Zoya! I'm so glad she is on the mend! And I can only imagine how glad Mama and Daddy must be to have their big girl back home where she belongs! Prayers continue.

  5. Continued prayers for Zoya to fully recover and bounce back. She looks so happy in the last pic with the sweet poster from her class! So thankful that she's home and feeling better. I love the idea that her buddies Sarah and Gavin mean so much to her that the promise of a visit helped her through the tough owies! Precious friends!! Will be praying all of you through the week! (((HUGS)))!!

  6. Awww, I love the Sara, Gavin, Zoya trio!