Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dada!

Celebrating THIRTY FIVE! 

Zoya is the best birthday celebrator EVER! She gets SO excited about birthdays! She went to the store with me and helped pick out some things for Shawn's birthday. She just KNEW he would love the sesame street birthday hats and the Mickey Mouse plates! Zoya kept saying, "Oh Dada LOVE IT, LOOOOVVVE IT!" I had to draw the line when she picked out a princess tiara for him!! She was so genuinely happy to celebrate her Daddy's birthday and it was just about the most adorable thing ever! She picked out a card for him that sings "Happy Birthday." She was torn between that one and another musical birthday card with dogs in a conga line! She said, "Yah we get BOTH!" I said, "No, you have to pick ONE." She said, "No, both, just try it!" Ummm no sister, not happening, nice try though :) 

Birthday kisses from Mila! 

Sofia is apparently having a tea party for ONE! :) She freaked out a bit with the hat, which would explain her hatless head! 

They were trick candles that kept relighting....Zoya thought they were great! Shawn? Not so much! 

Mila's face is so funny's as if she's thinking, "Okay looks like they're all it safe yet or are they going to relight again?"

I love this picture because Zoya's face says what we're all thinking with Sofia's FREQUENT outbursts :)  Here, if I remember correctly, she was crying because we were having a silly string DARE we????

Mila's gift to her Daddy was a bunch of sloppy baby kisses! 

"You forgot to tell me this cake is COLD!!!!" 

Feeding the baby bird! It didn't take long to get over her tantrum, nor did it take long to fall into her next one! 

Happy Birthday Dada! 


  1. What a fun and special birthday celebration!! You have a beautiful family!!
    I remember the days for almost 3 years when we couldn't even sing happy birthday with my now 5 year old around he would freak out at any music and then anything that came up along the way. It was a rough few years he still struggles but the struggles are different now.

  2. Looks like Shawn had a wonderful b-day celebration--awesome! Love Mila's expression re: the candles--and Zoya's with the cold cake is priceless lol! That girl sure does know how to celebrate b-days--Sesame Street and all!

  3. I am still always enthralled with the expressivness in ALL of the little Bees' faces! And you capture those moments so well! Glad they enjoyed Dada's birthday so much (well except for Sofia who at least liked the cake!). Thanks for sharing!! (((HUGS)))!!!