Monday, February 3, 2014

January Phone Dump

I take so many pictures on my phone and I'm trying to be more organized and dump them into folders at the end of each month! So here are some of my favorites! 

Mila's first Lovey is Pooh Bear. She just took to him one day and loves snuggling him. She sleeps with him now and loves hugging and kissing him while she swings in the tire swing! 

Mila was highly motivated to walk in the toy store! We're working on her endurance and she walked for about 10 minutes all around the toy store. I picked her up when I could see she was getting tired and she got mad because she didn't want to leave! 

Mila loves to take selfies and watch herself on the phone screen! 

Super Zoya! 

A trip to Chic Fil A! We don't often go out to eat with everyone :) It was a successful trip, though! 

Sofia the wild woman after her bath! You can really see the red tones in her hair here! 

Silly girl! I love that chin! 

Zoya was having a tough time one morning at school when I was dropping her off. She realized she had forgotten her Minnie Mouse (and she ALWAYS takes Minnie or another little beanie baby to school) and she couldn't stop thinking about it. One of her friends asked why Zoya was sad and I explained that we left Minnie at home. Her sweet little friend said, "Well I don't have a Minnie Mouse, but I DO have something that might make her happy." She pulled this bracelet off her own wrist and gave it to Zoya...such a sweet friend! It made Zoya happy and she had a great day at school! 

My amazon shipment of diapers and wipes came and I found this little cutie inside ;) 

My pretty little Mila girl is always so happy and smiley when she wakes up! 

Zoya at dance class practicing for her performance! 

Zoya had an endocrinology appointment and was having fun waiting! We're still trying to get to the bottom of her hospitalization in September and some seemingly related health issues that are continuing. 

Silly girl! 

Bouncey bouncey bounce! 

Zoya and Mama reading before bed! 

 Mila caught snuggling her Lovey! 

Sofia-sitting still in one place :) 

But not for long! :) Ready to pounce! 

This is the most devilish grin I've ever seen! Chocolate chip pancakes are a treat around here and they get sooooo excited! 

Shawn and I had dinner ALONE in a fancy restaurant! Thanks to Aunt Jen Jen for that gift! 

Zoya waiting to dance at her first performance! 

Sofia and Mila being silly! 

Mila's on the move! 

Sofia with the cutest pigtails ever :) 

Mila still falls asleep like this, I'm thinking I need to pull her hip helpers back out :) 

Sofia's physical therapy goal is to learn to jump. Zoya is teaching her! 

They can not WAIT for nicer weather...we've been trapped inside way too long! 

Sofia still loves squishing into tiny spaces :) 

Zoya's been really into yoga lately (or as she calls it, "Nooga") 

The "twins" doing some math work while big sister was at school! 

Smoothie time! 

Zoya was so excited to go to Disney on Ice with some friends who invited us! She had a blast! 

Sofia was helping Daddy give Mya her medicine :) 

Mall walkers! Sorry so blurry but they were moving too fast! 

Mila walked for nearly 15 minutes straight at the mall! Her legs were shaking and I picked her up and once again she wasn't ready to be done but her poor leggies needed a break! So proud of how far she has come! 

Uncle Bub was a brave soul accompanying us to the mall to help with crowd control! 

Happy February! 


  1. Great photos as always! Mila is doing awesome with her walking---YAY, Miss Mila!! Love Sofia's chocolate chip pancake grin, lol! Looks like Zoya enjoys yoga---and probably could teach ME, LOL!! But...she looks WAAYYYY cuter doing it! ;)

  2. SO MUCH SWEETNESS!!!! I know the girls don't always smile (as noted in your previous post about Sofia's meltdowns) but my goodness are they FULL of them! Love to see Mila walking all over the place, Sofia's mischievous grins just fresh from the tub, Zoya's soulfoul joy in everything she accomplishes.....beautiful treasures!!! Thanks for sharing your daily doses of love!! (((HUGS)))!!