Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sofia's Readoption!

We had Sofia's "readoption" today, which is just a fancy term for "registration of a foreign birth and request for US birth certificate." It was a special day, none-the-less! Uncle Bub took some time off work and came to visit for Sofia's special day! I took it as an opportunity to get her all prettied up and take 100 pictures :) They happen to be some of my favorite pictures ever of enjoy! 

Sofia got the princess treatment and got all prettied up :) 

Sofia started throwing a fit the moment the judge and attorney tried to start the process. I wouldn't expect anything less from her! When she wasn't screaming and kicking Shawn, Mila was yelling MAMA at the top of her lungs just for fun :) Even though this is just a formality, they still ask, "Do you understand you will have the full rights and responsibilities of a natural parent and do you agree to these responsibilities?" I believe while that question was being asked Sofia was at the peak of her freak-out so it was pretty humorous :) Of course we said yes!

 Can you see our attorney laughing quietly in the left side of the picture and me looking at Sofia all like, "cool it child!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

After Sofia was out of the limelight and it was my turn to answer questions, Sofia was just fine. Little stinker! 

This is the same judge we had for the other two readoptions as well. She is super sweet! She was very interested to hear about the the plight of special needs orphans in other countries!
The little ones are looking at the ceiling fan which was on HA! 

We decided to celebrate by going out for lunch! The girls were pretty well behaved with an endless supply of juice and snacks and Elmo on the iPad! 

Love this picture of Uncle Bub and Zoya! 

And just for fun, the sweet little dress she wore has some history! Zoya wore it for Gotcha Day at 22 months old, Mila wore it for her readoption at 19 months old, and Sofia wore it for her readoption at 28 months old :) I compiled a little collage to remember my sweeties wearing this pretty little dress! I dropped the ball with the bow for Sofia, but who are we kidding? She would have ripped that thing out in 2 seconds flat!

We love you Sofia Joy!!!!!!!!! Forever and ever! 


  1. Precious. Love all the photos of her. Darling dress. You two are a beautiful couple!!

  2. Awesomeness!!! Love your family. I love they have all worn that outfit. So special to connect.

  3. Yay, Sofia!! She's beautiful and I just love her expressions! Wonderful photos--esp. love the ones of her sitting in the chair AND the one where you are cradling Sofia and you two are looking into each others eyes. Proof that she CAN be still LOL! Sweet girls they are. Glad you guys had a great day!

  4. What wonderful pictures. Such a pretty little dress. Yes, Sofia certainly acted like a "little stinker"
    Thanks for sharing the special day with your readers.

  5. Love, love, love the three girls in the same dress! That is so special that you were able to pull that one off that they all wore the same dress. You write the most beautiful post ever!!

  6. Oh the things I imagine Sofia would say/is thinking! She's so full of life!!! These pictures are all so cute. I do love the collage at the end....what a journey that little dress has been on and what a beautiful story it tells! Congratulations Sofia Joy, to you and your whole loving family!!! ((((BIG HGUS)))!!!!

  7. Love love love!! As I scrolled down, it was like watching a movie! I could totally see her personality. Congratulations!! So excited for your whole family!

  8. Love this post! She is such a little doll (all of your girls are). Thanks for sharing your precious gifts with the blog world.

  9. Oh my goodness! Such sweet pictures of Sophia:) The one at the bottom with all the girls wearing the same dress is PRICELESS! Thank you so much for sharing..............

    Susan from Boston

  10. Okay my curiosity is getting the better of me..are you straightening or curling her hair in the first pic?