Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sailing Fun!

I blogged about the sailing program HERE. This is the first summer we're not volunteering in this program because of Shawn's work schedule and having 3 very needy little people who need their mama home with them. Yesterday Zoya had a play date and when Shawn got home from work we took Mila and Sofia down to the dock to say hello to the friends we used to volunteer with. Uncle Mike immediately took Mila in the kayak and she LOVED it! She was so very relaxed and happy. She enjoyed the pontoon boat with Aunt Carol as well! As soon as she's old enough she'll participate in the sailing program for sure! She hasn't yet been on the sailboat but I KNOW she will really enjoy it based on her reaction to the kayak. When Uncle Mike stopped rowing she got upset! Sofia was pretty clingy and so we didn't push the issue with her, but next time we visit, Shawn or I will take her out in the kayak and see how she does! We are looking forward to the girls being a year older next summer and hopefully we can do more fun water long as we can find a 5 man kayak ;)

We bought a cute "sailing" outfit for Zoya her first summer home and each summer since, the other girls have worn it as well. I love saving their clothes and pulling them out for special things like this!

Here are some fun pictures from our sailing visit!