Sunday, August 10, 2014

The "Bedtime Sillies"

The girls were in rare form tonight just being extremely silly, so I grabbed the camera to capture their sweet faces! They're growing up so fast, it makes me sad!!! Look at these beautiful BIG girls! 

Mila is famous for this pose right before her dive bomb! Sofia has started mimicking her but is too scared to fully commit to the fall! 

Happy Zoya girl was jumping, jumping, jumping...she's so full of life! 

And since Sofia is such a mimic, she was trying some jumps (on the couch too)...sister got some air!! 


  1. HAHA!!!! I love the way you capture these three sweet spirits in pictures - and I especially love that you share them! Sofia jumping is hysterical! I caught myself truly laughing right out loud at all of them! Such fun times in the B's house!! ((((HUGS)))!!!

  2. These are some of the very best Zoya pictures. I love her smiles.

  3. I cannot believe how BIG they are getting! I see the most changes in Mila! It had been awhile since I caught up with your blog and I can really tell they are growing.