Friday, August 15, 2014

Sailing, Pontoon Boat, and The Fire Truck

This summer Zoya and Mila participated in this sailing program. Sofia's not quite ready to trust anyone besides Mom and Dad yet so she got to hang out on the doc and ride the pontoon boat while her sisters were having their turns sailing. Today was the last sailing session of the summer (tear!) This means the snow will be coming soon, I wish I was kidding! 

A Mila sighting! 

Hold on tight Uncle Mike! 

Zoya is known as the pontoon boat hostess! She insists on sharing her snacks with ALL the riders, even if they're not hungry ;) ! 

Sofia was feeding the ducks!

Piggies waving in the wind! 

C'mon Sofia, act like you're having some fun! 

That's better! 

Spotted Mila again...this time with some sopping wet pig tails! :) 

After sailing the little ladies went home with Dad and Zoya and I went for a stroll with Kimmy. Kimmy is a CCI dog that is handled by one of Zoya's therapists. She visits Zoya every time the therapist visits! Zoya absolutely loves Kimmy! We happened upon a fire truck with some firefighters getting ready to practice some dives in the choppy chilly waters! They let Zoya hop on and check out the truck! 

 Zoya and Kimmy even got to sit on the front of the fire truck! 

I'm pretty sure Kimmy is smiling here! 

I can't believe summer is winding down already! We are getting ready to send Zoya off to Kindergarten and I can hardly stand it! Mama is going back to work part time too so lots of changes around here! More to come about Kindergarten! Happy Friday! 

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  1. Living life to the fullest--I need to take some lessons from you guys, lol! Summer is going by so quickly and I've not even gotten to the ocean yet! The girls look like they had a great time and gotta love Mila hangin out the boat lol! Sweet Zoya with Kimmy is so precious. Good luck in kindergarten, Miss Zoya--I'm sure you'll do great! And enjoy your return to work, Sarah!