Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Sofia Joy! Part 1

 Sofi J is THREE! She is so full of life and personality! She is very determined and knows what she likes, and what she doesn't like! I wondered a bit today about her birth mother and wishes I could share these pictures with her...to let her know this child is chosen and loved and cherished and celebrated! Our wild child is growing up...and I'm loving watching her slowly unfold into such a beautiful little girl, day by day, bit by bit! 

We had a really special day with the birthday girl :) While Zoya was at school and Uncle Mike was babysitting Mila, we took Sofia out to a special birthday breakfast and then to the lake! 

I love when we get the chance to spend 1-1 time with Sofia! She is so very different when it's just her and us! I am pretty certain all her birthday wishes came true today with some extra special time with Mom and Dad :) 

More birthday pictures to come....


  1. Happy 3rd birthday, beautiful Sofia! Keep on shining! Great photos, ty for sharing them with your readers, Sarah!