Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mila Goes to Preschool!

Really, I'm trying to be a better blogger, but life just hasn't given me much time lately! With Mama back to work very part time, Zoya on a shortened K day schedule, and now Mila in preschool two mornings a week....I feel like I live in the car! Zoya's and Mila's schools are in opposite directions of one another (with our house being in the middle).  All 3 little ladies are also dancing this year, but now that we've moved it's a 25 minute drive one way. Thankfully they all dance on Tuesdays which is Shawn's day off, so I can shuttle the little ladies over for their class, shuttle them home and swap Shawn Mila and Sofia for Zoya and head back over to dance. Mila and Sofia have outpatient speech once a week, and Mila has outpatient PT once a week as well. Between all that and all the (necessary) kindergarten and preschool planning and revision meetings, I think it's safe to say I don't think I can add one more single spinning plate to what I've got going right now! I can only laugh because 6 months ago my plan was for this year to be our "year of respite...." where we'd lay low and hunker down shutting out the world....but it wasn't to be! Soooo anyways, now that I've given Excuse #398 for not blogging.....hopefully this will make up for it!

Mila is attending preschool two mornings a week. We found a great preschool that we think is going to be a fabulous fit for Mila! We just planned to keep her home this year because most places were already full by the time we moved (apparently people sign their kids up for preschool years in advance or something?!).....anyways, we heard about this school and figured we'd take a visit just to say we tried, and we ended up falling in love with the place! She's in a typical preschool class with a "classroom aide" who is mostly there to assist her, but can also help other kids when Mila is ready for more independence. Our goals for Mila are mostly social goals at this point...being part of a group, listening to adults other than mom and dad, making friends, playing with friends, you know all the typical preschool stuff. We didn't set any academic goals because she's really doing very well just working on those things at home. She can name all of her colors, shapes, numbers to 9, letters (upper and lowercase), and even surprised me with naming some sight words (that I did not work on with her!). That's the good thing about having an older sister I guess! Mila is *nearly* potty trained and has only been wearing pull ups for sleep time or long car rides....she's still heavily reliant on reminders from us, but will tell us many times when she has to go too! She's even learned the 'ol "get out of non preferred activity by playing the potty card" trick!

She was SO excited about going to school. She was literally RUNNING up and down the living room squealing this morning. When she got to school she was like a kid in a candy shop....going from one thing to the next checking it all out and squealing with delight! I may have overstayed my welcome (haha) but when I finally felt okay to leave I said goodbye to Mila and she said bye bye and was easily distracted by a letter puzzle. They said she did great and Shawn says when he went to pick her up she didn't want to leave! So I'd say all-in-all, a successful first day!!

On to the pictures..........

New big girl glasses and she looks so much older....

Put a backpack on the kid and she instantly looks YEARS older! Where is my baby?

Even more years added with this pose...seriously Mila, STOP!

Attempt at a nice pic with Mama, LOL! 

 Being silly with Dada!

Off she goes! 

Just a little video of Mila surprising me with some sight words! 

And just because this is one of my all time favorite pictures! (no its not photoshopped haha)
"Beautiful Night, Beautiful People" 


  1. Sarah, she is AMAZING!! Mila is truly a miracle girl when I think of when you guys first brought her home to now. What a beautiful and SMART girl! She is getting so big!! With your schedule, it doesn't sound like you guys are in any danger of being bored, lol! Enjoy!

  2. I'm thrilled for Mila!! She looks so grown up and happy!

  3. It looks like she is adjusting very well. I hope God gives you extra energy for all the busyness you have at this stage in your life. We are in 9 hours of therapy a week between 3 different kids, so I know how crazy and exhausting it can be. I'm with you on the trying to fit blogging in, I've been terrible at it lately! If only the little ones could share some energy with us we would be all set right ;-)

  4. It's wonderful to see Mila growing and blossoming.
    She's come of so far away.

    ps: like new glasses
    and little working vidéo.

  5. Just thinking back to when you first met her, oh my that little baby has grown and grown and has spread her wings into this little girl with the sweetest smile. From the "what she might never do" to "look at me now, I'm doing it all and then some". You go Mila show them what you're made of.