Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starring Zoya....

So many videos that I haven't taken time to post, so I thought I'd post a few. This is the "messy pudding" video. Zoya's OT encouraged me to let her play with her food, and we are also working on scooping with and using a spoon to feed herself. At this point in the pudding escapades, I just dumped the remaining pudding on her tray and let her go at it. She ended up getting a bath and I ended up with a change of outfit myself!

Here is Miss Zoya swimming and loving it!

Zoya is walking holding onto toys and this is a video of her walking with one of her favorite toys, her red wagon from Grandma and Grandpa B. This wagon is an awesome therapy tool (along with a nice way to take a stroll). She works on climbing in and out and from the wagon to the couch and all sorts of cool things. She also watches movies a little longer if she's sitting in her wagon.

Another video of Zoya walking holding hands....I wonder how long before she's walking on her own?

And here is Zoya's favorite game.....she sits on the floor and I come running from behind the corner and scoop her up. You can see her at the end of the video wanting to get down so she can do it all over again!

And this is the end of Zoya's film debut....more to come once the ratings are in!


  1. Two thumbs up from the Burman Bunch!! She is more entertaining than cable:) And even prettier than anyone on cable!!

  2. I approve of your pudding eating music! haha. she is sooooo cute!

  3. LOVE!!!!!
    You guys rock!
    Be blessed!

  4. Such sweet videos of a very joyful little girl. She is just adorable...thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks for posting the videos!
    So much fun and lots of laughter here looking them!!!
    The "puddingone" is awesome...worth the mess, how Zoya enjoys "eating" it...Great!
    And her giggles when you come running around the corner, such a happy girl(and happy parents :)..)
    Be all blessed Christina

    And of course I love to see "moving Mya", so sweet, how she is always close to Zoya! Please, give her a hug...

  6. Five stars and two thumbs up for Zoya's (also Sarah, Shawn and Mya)films. Actress, foodie, artist, gymnast, swimmer. So adorable in all events. That girl is loving summer for sure.

    Sue M.

  7. Love it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Sunnie in NC

  8. She rates a solid 10!

    She will be walking in no time once she gets the coordination, strength and confidence, then WATCH OUT! LOL You will have huge smiles on your faces I'm sure as always just to sit and watch her run and play.

    Zoya you score big for creativity with pudding, swimming ability, tackling walking but mostly for those huge smiles.

    Whenever I'm down I come here to get a dose of Zoya giggles and smiles. That always makes me smile.

    Can't wait to share these with Izzy. She's going to love them.....


  9. It is just amazing how great Zoya is doing. My daughter (also with DS) turned 2 on June 6th. She Started walking by holding hands about 2-3 months ago and has been really walking now for about a month (no running yet...thank goodness...gets into enough trouble with just walking :))