Saturday, June 19, 2010

Will YOU Save Monroe?

This is Monroe
Okay, so I have this strange feeling that I need to post this little boy's profile today. I came across him yesterday and read about how he is so close to being transferred to a mental institution.  Then today I was reading my emails and there was an email from the director of Reece's Rainbow saying that someone has donated $5,000 toward his adoption!  It was just too weird for me seeing that I just looked at his profile yesterday and couldn't shake him from my mind.  Hoping someone reading this is his Momma or Daddy. He is already 5 years old and living on borrowed time. He has Cerebral Palsy, so he likely won't live long once he is tranferred. The part that breaks my heart the most is that this child doesn't have much of a cognitive delay so he will understand everything that is happening to him once he is transferred. What a nightmare.  He might end up like this

or tied to his bed like this

or if he is "lucky" enough to live to adulthood, he may look like this

*These pictures were taken from another blog. If you are interested in hearing more about these pictures and why these children are being treated so poorly, you can read about it HERE.

Here is Monroe's information:

Monroe (12)
BOY, Born February 4, 2005

Monroe is a sunshine of a little boy! He is already 5 and blessed to still be at the baby house. He needs a family right away!
From a missionary who visited with him in June 2010: I met with the doctor in his Groupa House who brought me back to meet him. The Head Doctor wanted me to meet the children who needed equipment. While measuring him for a chair, she explained to me what was more important was that he get a family. He will be traferred in six months to the worst institution, restrained in a crib in a dark room. She broke into tears! Monroe has spastic cerebral palsy in all four limbs and is globally delayed. He is able to recognize the voices of his careworkers and understand simple directions. However, due to his spacitiy he is unable to do much of anything. No speech. With therapy he can improve but will always have limitations. I measured his head circumfeence and once home will check with a doctor regtarding whether ir not he is microcephalic as well. I will try to gather more information on him today. His temperament was sweet and his eyes twinkled. He needs a family fast!

From an adoptive family who visited with him in June 2009: Monroe has CP. It appears that he is unable to use his arms and legs and is not sitting up on his own. He has the most beautiful smile and I don't think there is much of a cognitive delay. He loves to be held and his whole face lights up when you come near him."

I have $6062 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

It is so hard to think of this sweet boy's fate. Are you his Mommy? Are you his Daddy? Monroe needs to be rescued! Please email me if you'd like more information.


  1. I hope and will pray he finds his home. Can I post on my orphans blog? Thanks Be blessed.

  2. Oh Sarah...such a sweet boy!!
    PRAYING hard, a loving family will find him very SOON!!!
    GOD IS ABLE! HE can save this little boy thru a MIRACLE!! Just how we do experience this now....
    Be blessed Christina

  3. I have just started reading your blog, and have gone back to read all of the older posts. As soon as I looked at "Monroe's" picture, I knew exactly who he is! His name now is Wesley and is adopted by a family in Florida. They have a large family including several adopted children with DS! Here is the link to their blog! AND ZOYA IS ADORABLE!!!