Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zoyapalooza Bash!

On Saturday we had a great big party to celebrate Zoya's second birthday and her adoption! We were blessed by having so many friends and family to share the special day with! The weather held out and it didn't rain (much) until after the party was over! Zoya had a blast, despite not feeling her best (Thursday she developed another fever and has had the fever since then...the doctor says it must just be viral....I am blaming the vaccinations still!). Zoya got to meet so many of her fans for the first time! We realized just how much love and support we have and know this is how we were able to make it through the tough days of the adoption process.  We are so fortunate to have so many great friends and family who love and care about the three of us so dearly! Overall it was an awesome day to celebrate our special angel!

Here are a couple pics from her actual birthday.  We had fun shopping and going out to lunch at Chic Fil A. She is deathly afraid of the big cow mascot though! haha

And some pictures from Zoyapalooza:

More interested in the keys than her gift!

We bought this cute outfit on our shopping date. I think she looks like a little 80s rock star!

Zoya's birthday cake that Momma made!

Zoya and some of her friends

So many friends!

Attempt at a family photo (since we only have like 2!)

The bouncy house was a huge hit...for everyone except Zoya..haha! She was a little hesitant of this big balloon..I'm not sure why I'm pretty sure they had one at the orphanage...LOL, kidding!

Changed her outfit during half time! Getting ready for her cake.

Here is Zoyas smash cake....

This was the extent of the smash...she stuck her foot in it and was done! The sweet little girl on the right said "Grandma, we don't have to eat the cake that Zoya's foot was in do we?" :)

Zoya and Grandma B.

Zoya eating some party food...she loved the meatballs.

I'm getting really tired guys....
Zoya was so tired when I took her upstiars at 7:30 she pointed at her crib and needed no rocking and went right to sleep.

Zoya is helping Daddy put together her cool sand/water table that she got for her birthday!

Zoya is jammin with her drum full of music toys! Look for her music video in about 15 years!

The day was amazing and Zoya enjoyed all the people.  She was on the look out for sunglasses she could steal. She got lots of hugs and kisses and smiles all day long.  I took her inside once because I was worried she might need a break, but she just kept pointing out the door like, "Take me back out there lady, I'm are missing my party!"

The best part of the whole day is that we raised $400 to donate to Reece's Rainbow! Instead of gifts we asked for donations to help another child find their forever family.  Of course we still got a few gifts...but lots of people gave a donation.  We are going to split the money in half and have chosen two children from Zoya's orphanage to donate the money to. We are so excited about this and know how big of a difference money can make in the adoption process.  The average cost is $25,000, which is enough to scare many otherwise willing adoptive families into not adopting. If you've never checked out REECE'S RAINBOW WEBSITE please do! Without this ministry Zoya, along with hundreds of other orphans, would have never found their forever families!


  1. Yeah!!!!! Which two did you pick?!? I'm on a mission to get the rest of those babies adopted!!!! We are bringing two suitcases full of donations of clothes for the kids. Happy birthday zoya!!! You are so very loved!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Zoya!! She looks so happy and content.

  3. Hmmm. Drum full of music toys? Who gave her that? A "friend"? Ha ha. I know she will love it, but will you and shawn?

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Zoya!! It sounds like you had quite a day with lots of love...and cake!!

  5. What a great idea, Sarah (the RR collection)! :) Your family continues to be such a blessing to others!!!

    Miss Zoya is too cute - I love her little jammies! What's the slogan? Something about Daddy? They make me think of Lucy's favorite shirt - it says "I like to hang out with Daddy" and it makes her papa smile! :)

    Your family picture is lovely!

    Keep those wonderful pictures coming!!!


  6. What a great idea, Sarah (the RR contribution)! Your family continues to be such a blessing to others!!!

    Miss Zoya is too cute - I love her little jammies! What do they say about "Daddy"? Lucy's favorite shirt says "I love hanging out with Daddy" and everytime she wears it, it makes her papa smile!

    Your family photo is lovely!!!

    Keep the wonderful pictures coming!


  7. Wow! It looks like Zoya had a great time celebrating her birthday and adoption. How wonderful that you're able to make a donation to two sweeties on Reece's Rainbow, a donation that will help save their lives.


  8. Congratulations on a great day. Reading these blogs on here is the highlight of my day, I go to bed so happy and a little more at peace knowing, one more orphan has found their family! And now your helping 2 more get closer to coming home!

  9. That is fantastic! Love the pictures Love the outfit, love the idea of no gifts and giving! Im so very happy for you 3! Be blessed!!

  10. Back from our vacation, one of the first things I do is checking your blog...:)
    How sweet, the pictures of your Birthday-Girl!!!
    So wonderful you had a great time celebrating Zoyas life. Still such a MIRACLE!!
    Thank you for sharing it with us, dear Sarah! You are not only a gifted heartfelt author, ( the letter for your daughter really touched me beyond words..!)you are also an artist in birthdaycakecreating, just beautiful, the cake for Zoya and her guests.
    BE BLESSED Christina

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Love all the pics! The donations to RR kiddos was such a great idea! Our little girl's 2nd birthday is tomorrow & I've thought about asking everyone to consider donating to help us get Mina home instead of giving Myla more toys 4 me to find room for :) I think the biggest & best gift would be her sister anyways :)

  12. Fantastic idea of the no gift request only donations.

    Love the family photo, looks like it was a gorgeous day!

    We were at Chautauqua Lake on Friday and thought of you guys being so close but yet so far away.

    in Virginia

  13. I hope Zoya had a great time at her birthday party! I also look forward to finaly meet her on Saterday the 12th. I have been waiting for this sence i started reading this blog! She is so beautiful and smart! Congrats!
    - Alexandra Long