Friday, April 29, 2011

I want to remember....

10, 20, 30 years from now I want to remember Zoya's funny how while I was folding clothes the other night in Zoya's room I heard the bathtub water start running (right next door to Zoya's room) and I ran in to see Zoya in the bathtub fully clothed and laughing hysterically as she splashed about. She noticed me at the door and got a look like "uh oh" and I just started cracking up and so did she!

I want to remember how Zoya recently initiated a bedtime story to be added to her bedtime routine by simply signing "book" and pointing at her big comfy rocking chair. I want to remember how her first favorite story is "Where Is Home, Little Pip?" that Grandma and Grandpa B. bought before she was even home with us. I don't ever want to forget sitting in that rocking chair with her reading that story and listening to her laugh in all the same places and sign "sad" when Pip can't find his Mama and Papa. I don't want to forget how she looks up at me and stares into my eyes so intently while I read this story. I want to remember how she runs her hands through my hair and brushes it over her own face while we read.

Memories like these fill my heart and make the difficult days more than worth it! God has blessed us with this sweet angel. Each day I fall in love with her even more.  I love the way she needs me and she loves the way I need her. 50 years from now I want to remember the details of these moments. I'm trying harder to savor each moment and get every last sweet drop this life has to offer. Every day Zoya reminds me to slow down and simply enjoy...I'm not always successful, but with her help I'm getting there.


  1. I so get what you're saying. I think about this alot too. Slowly down and enjoying the moments is a must!

    Thanks for sharing!