Monday, April 11, 2011


I know I've been sort of MIA on the blog here lately....but something has to be neglected when things get crazy and this time it's the blog...sorry...I will be back soon! Say a little prayer for Mya dog whose been very sick since Friday :( She is my first baby...and the poor girl has been so sick...she's dehydrated and throwing up blood. Hoping the 2 hour vet visit today will have her on her way to feeling better! For now I'm going to cuddle on the couch with the furry friend and fall asleep for the night (as long as Zoya doesn't decide she wants to throw another party in her crib tonight....but oh what a party it was!)


  1. Oh no...... :(

    Poor Mya baby. I sure hope the vet figured out what is wrong with her.

    Hmmm.... Party in the crib? Sounds like it would be fun! LOL

  2. Sarah..I am sorry to hear about Mya. Prayers are with you all. I know how that feels about our "first babies"
    Hope all is well. I've definitely been MIA from blogging.
    Thoughts are your way! :-)
    Kim B.

  3. Oh no! Apparently the little girls I watch were up all night last night also! I'm sorry to hear it wasn't just a one household thing. I hope that Mya gets better soon! I love puppies/dogs (all dogs are puppies to me, well, most). My favorite dog also is not doing well. It also makes me sad :(. Will be praying you get more sleep tonight!

  4. We have two pups who are our first I totally know how you feel. Praying for your sweet girl to get better!

  5. Poor MYA doggie!! You know we are MYA fans here so: PRAYING she feels better SOON!!!!

  6. Sorry to hear about your dog!! Hope she feels better. It's so hard with pets, because they just can't tell you what hurts. :-(