Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zoya's First Easter

Since Easter was a little earlier last year, Zoya was not here to celebrate with us. I'm pretty sure she thought coloring eggs and looking for an Easter basket was pretty silly! Here are some pictures from her first Easter with her family :) WARNING LOTS OF PICTURES!!!

We wanted to go to the zoo yesterday but it was way too crowded so we decided on Plan B and went to the peninsula for a walk and one of our favorite eating places :) Here is Zoya with her Uncle Bub on the way there. I tell ya I've never seen this girl flirt so much as she does with her Uncle Bub. She certainly loves him! She turns into a giggly eye-lash batting little flirt when he's around. She even runs and hides and then smiles at him :) Here she is feeling his facial hair haha!

Zoya never goes anywhere without her body guards! 

Stopping to touch some nature on our walk!

Zoya and her boyfriend...

Getting a free ride with Daddy...

Lovin' on her mama!

Last night Zoya had some peanut butter mousse for dessert and I think the sugar was getting to her...
so giggly and funny (she was also flirting with Bub in these pictures)

Ahhh...I finally caught a real smile! Lately she just likes to be a cheeser when I say smile!

Last night we colored Easter eggs too...Zoya must have thought it was so strange...

And it was going great until......
Zoya spilled the orange all over herself! I still can't get her hands or legs un-oranged. Good thing it's like her favorite color!

Any good captions for this picture?? Seriously, look at this face!

And back at it while the clothes soak in Oxi-Clean (which by the way got the dye out!)

Today Zoya found her Easter basket inside her house :) No candy from the Easter Bunny!!!

Listening to her music card from Bub. It sings "You are My Sunshine."

She loved the bunny from Bub too!

She wasn't so sure of this ball at first but she quickly learned it's pretty cool!

Throwing the ball at Mya....

No worries on the candy front...Bub had that covered too!


"Okay you guys, this is seriously embarrassing and I'm never going to admit I know you if you keep doing stuff like this."

"In fact, I think I'm going to wear my new shades everywhere I go when I'm with you so nobody sees us together."

Leave it to Bub to buy this chocolate bunny as big as Zoya....2 whole pounds of chocolate...oh he is funny!

My sweet, sweet girl!

This is the face I get every single time I ask her to smile now!!!!

Zoya also got Easter packages from both grandparents! She is loved a lot!! Here she is opening the package from G and G P.

"OOOOHHHH MYYYYY GOSSHHH NOO WAY I got a shirt, you know a shirt like I'm wearing right now!"

This chocolate ballerina was Zoya's first Easter candy and oh my was she excited!! She kept saying "open" and "me." HAHA. Funny thing is both grandparents got her the same exact chocolate ballerina!

"I'm going to hide in this box and open it myself then!!"

Don't worry, G and G B. remembered not to leave Mya out and sent her a package!

"A package for ME????"

Seriously if you just sent this girl tissue paper she would be thrilled!

Happy girl with a ball so her and Mya can play!

"Ummm this thing is loud and it's frekin' me out a little! But he is pretty cute!"

Zoya's first Easter was fabulous with lots of love and hugs and snuggles, just the way I like it!


  1. That is precious! You are too funny, Sarah..Zoya and her boyfriend..oh my goodness. Glad ya'll had a good Easter!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute she is!!! Happy Easter! Hope it was a blessed one!!! Love seeing the photos of Zoya. She's adorable!

  3. LOVED her "real" smile! My brother, Brad, does the same thing. The shirt picture was pretty adorable too!

    I can always count on you for my dose of cuteness!

    Brooke Annessa

  4. picture caption: my client(me) demands a new cute outfit and a juicebox!!!

  5. Picture bonanza! Woohoo! Loved it.

    What an Easter this girl had, how great!

    The sunglasses photo is so cute, but that bunny ear photo oh my she looks like she is so disgusted. :)

    Goodness look at that chocolate bunny, that thing is huge! I would have to be hiding that here, Iz thinks chocolate is a food group all its own.... :)

  6. hehe love all the pictures and captions :)

  7. She looks like little girl now, not a baby anymore!!

  8. Love all the funny faces and love that one that you got of her real smile, too! Precious angel!

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