Friday, July 29, 2011

Last Day of Fun with Carrington and Shelly :(


More smooches

Silly girls!

Zoya just loves "baby" (even though Carrington is older, Zoya calls her "baby")

"Look at me...I'm so talented I can do PT and make funny faces"

"Wait a minute I thought I was on vacation...why do I have to work on my skills?"

Shelly thought it'd be fun to try all the bargains on Zoya at once LOL. The tutu skirts with leggins are sizes 6-9 and 9-12 months for baby Laina...LOL.

Hanging out by the lake :)

Lovin' on Abby and Seth

Sailing the Zoya....

"Ummmm get this thing OFF me!!!"

"Okay this is not so bad afterall...a nice boat ride"

Seth snuggling Carrington
I can't believe our time together is coming to an end. It is such a blessing to meet another woman who is so much like myself...I swear we were sisters in another life! God is good and I love when he puts people in our lives for friendship, fellowship, and inspiration!


  1. LOVE seeing all of the pictures! So happy you had this time to enjoy with them!


  2. Oh that Carrington is quite a character!

    Is that Shelly underneath all those smooches????

    A tutu demonstration, so cute!

    How great was it that they were able to hang with you guys at the lake!

    Loving it all!

  3. Such a blessing to see these precious girls thriving as they are. It is so hard to believe that in such a short time Carrington is doing that well. God is so good! I am so glad you two wonderful mommies got to have a good time and share your girls for a couple of days. I am praying for your journey to little Laina Hope.

  4. How fun that you could all spend time together! Love the smoochie pics, and am seriously loving seeing Carrington's *round* tummy sticking out from beneath her shirt. :-)

  5. I cannot get over the difference in Carrington! It's so amazing, what a blessing she is!

  6. How FUN!! I love the kissy face pic of Carrington!

  7. Sounds like it's been a great visit, but I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye.