Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovin' on Carrington (and Shelly)

She LOVES to be tossed in the air and dropped fast!! I think her mama is in trouble when she's old enough to ride roller coasters!!!! Could she be any sweeter????? :)

This girl is a daredevil!!!!

Silly Shawn making Carrington giggle!

Shawn and Carrington dancing

Zoya is sooo good with Carrington....even though it looks like she's clobbering her here she was gently stroking her face. She's going to make a great big sister!


Carrington says "Hey Dad, I'm livin' the good life in this nice cool weather....miss you."

Kisses....Zoya can't give her enough kisses...

Sweet girls

More kisses :)


  1. This is just precious! Such a blessing you all finally got to meet each other!


  2. They are just soooo precious!! Beautiful princesses --so glad you are all having a great time!

  3. OH Zoya! I had no doubts that you would be an awesome big sister. Look at you just lovin on Carrington, sweet thing.

    Love the pics, glad to see you guys are having a great time!

  4. So so sweet! I think Carrington is wearing the pink flower headband I sent her in the hospital :)