Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Fourth of July Fun

We have been so very busy around here. I swear I'm busier now having the summer off from work than I am during the school year! Yikes! Between swimming lessons, school, therapies, and trying to squeeze in some good old fun, we are watching the days fly by! I can't even believe how fast the summer is happening!

After our picnic and a nap for Zoya yesterday, we cooked out, went swimming, and then took a little trip to the playground. I'd say Zoya had fun! However it didn't keep her from getting up early AGAIN....what happened to my angel child who used to sleep in until 8:30? I still can't complain, I mean most of the time she sleeps through the night except the other morning at 4am where I heard giggles and "mama" over the monitor for about 10 minutes before she fell back asleep! Funny girl.

Here is Miss America in her patriotic bathing suit (thanks Jess).

Okay, is it me or does she look way older than 3 here? Oh my baby where have you gone!?

Zoya loves to jump (aka loves to be pulled into the pool)

Lovin' on my sweet girl

Love this face!

Learning to float alone ( you wouldn't think thats difficult in a life jacket, but let me tell ya.....oiy)

Saying "more"...with a New Jersey accent....seriously!

Loving the swing

We tried the regular swing but that was not so successful as Zoya promptly fell flat on her back.  Maybe next summer :)

We are hanging in there with the swimming lessons.....it usually goes like this: Coax her to get in, she gets in, she cries for a few minutes, she tells the instructor no a few hundred times all while doing what they ask her to do, clapping for herself when she does something she was afraid to do, get in line to jump in the pool, try her hardest to just say hi to the kids but inevitably squeezes at least one of them because she just can't help it, free time to play where she is getting really good at walking in waist-deep water without falling over....coax her to get out! LOL.

And incase you thought this girl was getting any less sassy lately.....here is what happened tonight:

Shawn to Zoya: "You need to listen....."
Zoya proceeds to plug her ears and look the other way while Shawn tries not to bust out laughing at her naughtiness! 3 years old going on 16!

I think I'm in big trouble when this girl actually is 16!!!


  1. Oh my this girl is so funny!

    LOL getting up early, she doesn't want to miss out on any of the fun. Smart girl!

    Rockin that patriotic bathing suit.. :)

    Enjoy the summer.

  2. Miss Zoya is about the cutest thing ever! I really enjoy following your story. Yet one more thing that Carrington did for the world :)

  3. Hi Sarah. I have the hardest time not laughing at the naughty things! Quinton is not being naughty (yet) but my students to the funniest things that I am sure I should not be laughing at. Zoya is looking beautiful. Have you gotten any of my emails? No rush, but I just wanted to make sure they were not coming in as spam. It probably says from Brian Miller. If you have not gotten them, you can email me at millerdec804 at yahoo dot com.

  4. I can't believe how much she has grown! It's been a long time since I've been on any blogs lately.. I am so happy to see how well Zoya is doing:)