Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Fun!

We are trying to enjoy our last weekend together as a family of three :) The weather here is absolutely gorgeous this time of year. I'm convinced there is no place more beautiful than where we live come fall time! The oranges and yellows and greens and reds and browns of the trees are breathtaking!

Here are some fun pictures from our day today at the fall festival!

Beautiful girl

Petting some animals...keeping a tight grip on Mama ;)

Mama doesn't love Llamas! Can you see it written all over my face?? LOL

I am showing this picture for no other reason than to show you this cool haircut on this animal LOL!
Feeding the goats

Zoya was trying to feed them hay instead of the food Daddy bought for 50 cents!

LOVE this picture...Zoya was thinking "don't move and he'll go away, just don't move a muscle!" She was frozen like that until the goat stuck his head back inside hahaha!

Helping Daddy feed her favorite goat
Love when she looks at me like sweet girl loves me so much!

Matching faces here :)

They were shooting pumpkins at a target and it was loud and every time it went off Zoya did this and said "Weeeeeeee"

This girl FINALLY LOVES and appreciates ice cream!!!  If you don't remember watch this video to see Zoya's first and typical reaction to ice cream for a long time!

But just look at her now...she appreciates the finer things in chocolate peanut butter ice cream!!! YUM!

Daddy making her laugh!


Brain Freeze!!!

But it's sooooo worth it!

No idea what she was saying here....

Blurry but too cute not to excited!

I am astounded by her beauty every day!

So beautiful this time of year!

On the way back we rolled the windows down and let the breeze blow through our hair! Zoya just loves doing this! Here she is signing "green" because we are stopped at a red light and she said "GOOOO" so the wind would blow through her hair and I told her we had to wait for a green light!

Oh this girl knows how to enjoy life....

Happy Fall Friends!!


  1. A much needed dose of cuteness!


  2. Looks like Miss Z. is having a ton of fun. The weather was great and she seemed to enjoy every minute (except those darn red lights). I think at least one of those animals was an alpaca, and they are much nicer than llamas.

    Sue M.

  3. So beautiful! Getting very excited for you!

  4. Everyone should enjoy life as much as Zoya does.

    I love it!

  5. Sweet Zoya, she is such a delight!! Love how she embraces life!