Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Fun

I'm missing my Zoya girl so much! Oh how I miss her hugs and sweet smile paired with her sassy diva-ness! I can't wait to hug her and squeeze her and snuggle her when we get home!! She's going to be a fabulous big sister I just know it!

Anyways...we went to the pumpkin patch the weekend before we left for Mila's adoption. Since October is almost over, I figured I should post these pictures of our fun day!

She loves the corn box!

This year nobody lost their wedding ring (aahhhheeeemmmm Shawn)

It's fun to get burried in corn!

It's raining corn!

Loves the big slide!

Picking her Pumpkin :)

Love that sweet girl!!


  1. Love the picture of the family of 3...soon to be FOUR!!!!!!


  2. What gorgeous pictures. Next year another little pumpkin to pick one out for herself. woohoo!

    Glad no jewelry was lost this year! :)

  3. Such a Happy Little Girl. Beautiful pictures.

  4. What fun!! I love the giant cornbox! We don't have anything like that here in Texas. I imagine it's because this time of year is usually rainy for us and a big pile of wet corn just doesn't sound as fun.
    Just like the poster above I was looking at those pictures thinking they may very well be the last ones of a family of 3, I can't believe how close Zoya is to getting to meet her little sister! She will be the best early Christmas present ever!!!!

  5. She is the cutest little pumpkin in that patch!

  6. Just love that sweet Zoya girl of yours---and sooo happy she is going to be a big sister! Your "pumpkin" is going to be sooo GLAD to see her mama and daddy! Still praying for your lil jelly bean and for you and Shawn as you take that long train ride back...

  7. I love her smile! I've never seen a corn box before:) It looks like fun! Glad she had a good time.