Monday, October 10, 2011


We celebrated Uncle Bub's birthday this weekend because we will miss it when we are gone. When I told Zoya Uncle Bub was coming and it was his birthday she signed "surprise." A few weeks ago we went to a surprise birthday party. Zoya was so intrigued by this concept. We all sat in the garage and when the door opened everyone of course yelled "SURPRISE!" Zoya signed "surprise" the rest of the night and kept saying "more" and "up" (for the garage door to go up).

Ever since then she has been wanting to surprise people. She thinks its fun to send someone out of the room, turn the lights off and then turn the lights on when they come back and yell "surprise." LOL. She signs it and says "PRY" So when it was time for cake we sent Uncle Bub out of the kitchen, turned the lights off and when he walked in (so unsuspecting hahaha) we all yelled SURPRISE! Oh Zoya was sooo enthusiastic about it! We actually had to repeat the scene several times per Zoya's request. She looked at me like, "we really got him good mom!" So proud of herself!!!


It just never gets old!!!

Signing "Surprise!"

(Here is the ASL sign for surprise...pretty close!)

And what happened next had us laughing so hard we almost peed our pants  cried! This girl is something else! At least she made it a memorable birthday for Uncle Bub!

(girl just started shaking her head like a wild woman and smearing frosting all over her face!)

"Aaaaannnnnd I'm DONE!"

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed watching our crazy girl! And let me just say, that was one heck of a bath she needed after!! Oh how I'm going to miss my crazy love while we go adopt baby sister! But it will all be worth it in the end :)


  1. That is hysterical.

    What a great treat it was for Uncle Bub I'm sure.

    Oh boy did she ever enjoy her treat. :) hehehehehe!

  2. Oh how precious!!! I love the connection that she made! Those pictures are priceless! Happy Birthday Uncle Bub.

  3. Oh my gosh, what a character!! I'm trying so hard to not laugh out loud & wake up my girls :)

    LOVE the "Surprise" pics! :)

  4. That sweet girl of yours is a HOOT!! I literally laughed OUT LOUD at those photos--and I bet bathtime was quite the project lol! So glad she enjoyed herself---and happy b-day to her "Uncle Bub" too!

  5. She is too cute! LOVE how excited she gets for surprises!


  6. Somebody informed Zoya that she missed the traditional "Girl against cake" at the 1 yr birthday party. She definitely made up for it. Pretty darn cute, makes me want some chocolate cake :)

  7. What a great surprise! Seeing a little girl enjoying cake with such abandon makes me happy. I especially like the pic of her seeing herself in the mirror with the cake all over her face. It's like she's thinking "Wow... I really look good in chocolate cake, I should wear this more often!"