Monday, February 27, 2012

A Post From Mila!

Look what I can do! I've been working so hard in PT. Mama has stretches to do with me to help my tilted head! I want to crawl SO bad that sometimes mommy has to take me off my belly because I start getting REALLY MAD when I can't get my body to do what my brain is telling it to do!!
I love my big sister so much, whenever she is around I can't stop staring at her. I think her bow is cool and she likes to hold my hands!
Sometimes I fall asleep in my swing holding onto my rings. My mama can't figure out this nap thing because I'm making it tricky for her! Mama says my big sister came home mostly already knowing how to take naps and sleep through the night! BUT last night I slept for 11 hours straight. Thank goodness Daddy gets up with me at 5:45am! Mama says we need to work on my wake up time!
But she has a really hard time getting upset when I'm THIS cute!
Well I have to go pick my big sister up from school while my mom sits on the couch and eats bon bons. Thanks for checking in on me!


  1. HA! sitting on the couch eating bon bons, that will be the day! :)

    Look at little Ms. Mila, oh my oh my she is a cutie. I love how Zoya loves upon her.

    She's getting stronger every day.

    That last picture cracks me up, boy does she have a sweet smile, almost makes you wonder if she's planning something and just getting you all taken in with that gorgeous smile first. :) What a ham!

    Love it all, they are both adorable!

  2. Oh precious Jelly are a sight to behold! You are beautiful and strong and just look how you have grown!!! And you have a great sense of humor too...ahem....bon bons??!?!? LOL! I'm sure big sis Zoya will help you vacuum this afternoon while Momma soaks in the tub!!! (((HUGS)))!!

  3. I love your kids! Seriously! They are amazing and so beautiful!

    Be blessed


  4. Look how happy and healthy she looks. I love seeing her doing so well. Thanks for sharing.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  5. God is so good! From that tiny little pale faced baby girl to this chubby cheeked raving beauty! ONLY GOD! (It never hurts to have a loving Mommy, Daddy or Sister, either!) God Bless You!

  6. I love bon-bons, too! This is such a lovely blog! I'm glad I found it and that I can follow it!

  7. Your daughters are beautiful! Mila looks so much healthier since her surgery.

  8. Ohmygosh!!! They are adorable. I cannot believe how different she looks with her chunky cheeks. Go Mom and Dad!!!

  9. Love seeing that smile!!. You're sooo cute, baby Bean... :-)

  10. ohh so sweet! love to see her grow!

  11. Sweet jelly bean, Mila you are sooo beautiful! I LOVE that last photo with your big bright smile and the gleam in your eyes! So...mama eats bon bons does she? Well, you make her share with you and big sister, okay? *Wink* Keep up the good work, mommy and daddy--those girls are just precious!

  12. What beautiful daughters! I can not believe the huge difference between Mila now and then. I followed your journey way back but seeing these photos are just amazing. I just love her adorable face.

  13. Wow! Seriously?! Wow!
    I don't know how God's goodness is still surprising me with the miracle that is this child, but I can't believe that in less than 5 months she went from airplane wings to fighting to crawl! Amazing!
    Yep, you better get that sleep thing figured out soon because this little jelly bean is ready to roll! She is going to be something else to try to keep up with when she does get moving that's for sure. :)

  14. Okay I love all the pictures but that last one just makes my entire year. What a cutie bug! Enjoy your Sunday with your precious babies.