Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zoya's Turn....

She was so jealous Mila was having all sorts of surgeries that she decided it was her turn. Her ear tubes lasted 14 months (longer than average), but recently fell out (they're still hanging out in her ear canals). She's got tons of wax too. The testing they did inconclusive and the doctor was unsure about fluid or her hearing. The test results were contradicting themselves. So she'll be having surgery on March 14th to clear out all the wax (maybe she'll listen better? haha), have a myringotomy, and possibly have another set of tubes put in (he'll decide once he does the myringotomy).

She did fabulously well and a year ago for this same appointment  she would have did freak out and wouldn't even let anyone touch her ears! AND she practiced sitting in the chair, which she would have NEVER done...chairs alone were enough to really give her anxiety....something we've worked on endlessly and are finally seeing normal reactions to chairs and not fear reactions! I tried to have her sit in the chair with me standing next to her while the doctor examined her, but she felt safer sitting on my lap, so we'll try again next time.  It was also during nap time since it went on so long so that never helps! But I was soooo proud of her and how well she did!!!! The only part that didn't go so hot was that damn hearing booth! That thing freaks her out every time! She is terrified of clapping monkeys and any other clapping animals now because of that booth. So when the audiologist asked if we would step into the booth (I had no idea we were doing that today), I said, "Umm is there a clapping monkey in there? because she's terrified." So she said she would turn it off. Zoya did well for maybe 3 minutes but then the tears came...I mean it IS hear some weird voice coming out of different places in the room whispering your name....and different boxes lighting up like a jack in the box! ugh! Not nice!

Zoya doesn't do well with anesthesia (coming out) so please pray for her even though it's a minor procedure. Although it seems so much more doable and less stressful than open heart surgery, she's still my baby and I will get nervous :( We are blessed to have great health insurance and medical care!


  1. That booth sounds like a scary movie!!!!! Poor Zoya!!

  2. Sweet little Miss Zoya (AND her nervous momma) will be in our prayers! She's growing up so fast and adjusting to things so well! What a cutie sitting in the BIG chair and looking so happy about it! Good job Zoya!!! And who could blame her for not liking clapping even SOUNDS scary (reminds me of the flying monkeys in The Wizard of OZ which always terrified me as a child)??? I'm with her on that one!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

  3. Absolutely!