Sunday, July 8, 2012

In the Arms of Jesus

Photo Credit: Erin Murphy

"At approximately 12:10 while I held Ryan in my arms and daddy held him as well - surrounded by so many who loved him Ryan drew his last breath. He is without oxygen, medicine, tubes, wires, and HURT - he is at peace." (Ryan's Mama)

Hug your babies tight tonight, and always. Tomorrow is not promised for any of us. 


  1. We offer our deepest condolences to Ryan's family and we will pray for their hearts to heal. What a priceless gift Ryan has left this world-pure love from a little boy!

  2. Oh God, send lots of love to this family. There is nothing more difficult than to loose a child. Sweet Ryan, you will be missed here...

  3. I'm so sorry Sarah, for you and Ryan's family. Losing a child is so very painful. Yet I hold close the promises that God has made and I rejoice that Ryan is in the arms of Jesus and suffering no more. I will be praying for those same arms to hold and comfort all those who are grieving for this sweet little boy. (((BIG HGUS)))

  4. Dear Lord, please comfort Ryan's mama, daddy and family/friends as they grieve the loss of their little angel! Though grateful Ryan is no longer in pain, no longer having to go through medical procedures and knowing he is safe in Your arms, Ryan touched hearts and he will be missed and remembered~ Lori

  5. Oh Sarah......I don't even know this family and my heart is breaking for them:'( NO PARENT should ever have to bury their child......prayers for them and for you too.

    Susan from Boston