Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Did She Say?!?!

As you can see in the post below, Zoya is doing good with her reading, but as you can see in this video, we've still got some work to do in the speech area ;) LOL!!! You should have seen Shawn and I almost pass out the first time she blurted this out! (She is trying to say "frog" if you're wondering)!!!


  1. That is amazing Sarah!! My Stefi has had speech since she was 12 months old and she just yells at 3 years old. Someday I hope that I can listen to her attempt to say frog! lol

  2. I remember a time when I thought Zoya would not be able to talk...she was diagnosed with apraxia and we are now doing PROMPT speech therapy which has helped immensely! She had a speech burst shortly after 3 years old and has had another one recently. Keep the her own sweet time she'll surprise you I think!

  3. Oh the fun parents have at their childs expense of learning. LOL We loved it here too, so cute and innocent that sweet smile is. At least she isn't camera shy like Mila. :)

  4. Way to go, Zoya! Sarah, I am hoping to "pick your brain" a bit lol. My nephew, who is 13 (not a mature 13) is showing extreme difficulty with spelling and reading. I've watched him post on the computer and it breaks my heart that some kids tease him by calling him "retard." I asked him yesterday if the difficulty with spelling and reading bothered him (I tend to want to "fix" things when I identify a problem so I wanted to see how HE felt!) and he said it does and he wants help. He does have ADHD and, unfortunately, not a great environment (dad is alcoholic, his mom--my sister tends to yell when she's angry rather than talk) and he exhibits anger and anxiety at times. Generally though he has a tender heart and I love him dearly.
    My question to you if I may. What do you recommend to help with the spelling? For instance even simple words he struggles with. Tub he spelled "tube", hurt he spelled "hert" etc. I'd be glad to "tutor" him --I have always been strong in reading,spelling, grammar etc but perhaps he'd respond better if his mom found another qualified person. Anyway, are there any programs out there that could help someone at his age? Thanks so much! Lori

    1. Hi Lori, Has he been evaluated for a learning disability? Email me if you want to chat about it! spbasile at gmail dot com!