Monday, July 30, 2012

Mila Hooooooooope! (8 Months Home)

Mila no longer responds to just Mila, well she does, but she prefers the princess name Mila Hope. She thinks it's hillarious when she is in trouble, as you can see in the video below. How can I ever get mad at that smile?? She is goooooood. Only 16 months and she already knows how to make me forget why she was in trouble ;)

So since I missed posting about her 8 months home, I'll give a quick little update here! 

Mila is starting to babble a lot more and makes a "dada" sound, although she doesn't connect it to daddy yet.  She can sign "more," "drink," and "all done" (even though "all done" is a very rough approximation...she is consistent with it....well after she smacks the drink out of my hand and then I remind her to please sign "all done" that is! haha). She knows how to get our attention by whining or yelling and then flashing a killer Mila smile! She would prefer to be held all day long and never put down! She is standing holding on and can stand without holding on very briefly before losing her balance.

She still isn't crawling yet but she is starting to scoot with a little help to plant her feet into the floor. She is the best eater ever. Some of he recent favorites are sausage, pepperoni, coconut yogurt, grilled cheese, and my special veggie burgers! She has 3 full molars and is working on a fourth, but still no other teeth! She is down to just one bottle a day (goat milk and bone broth) and she has about 2-3 cups of coconut water or almond milk from her straw cup. We have been able to get her off of the Prevacid which makes me happy because now she can fully absorb her nutrients! The only medication she is still on is lasix which will hopefully be discontinued in a couple weeks when we have her cardiology checkup! She takes many whole food supplements tailored to her body's needs and she is becoming very healthy! Her hair is growing beautifully and her skin is snuggably soft! She has lots of nice baby chub on her cheeks and belly and thighs!

She has recently started sleeping in until about 6:15/6:30 which is BEAUTIFUL! Today she slept in until 7am!!! We are doing Therapeutic Listening with her and I really believe this has helped her sleep better! The one day we didn't do it she was up at her usual 5:30...coincidence? I don't know but I don't care to find out either! I'm not surprised it is helping her sleep because it helped Zoya sleep less restlessly when we did it with her. I just hope it makes life so much happier!
She is a mama's girl if you ask me ;) I just love her to pieces and can't stop kissing her chubby cheeks! There is just something about this girl...her spirit...that is so awesome! 8 months seems like a long time, but when I think of how far she has come in 8 months, it seems like such a short time to flourish so much! God is totally showing off with her!
I love all her silly faces and expressions. If I make a face at her she loves making the same face back. It makes me laugh to see what I must look like to her! She is a class clown of sorts and loves making her family laugh!

Mila Hope, we love you more than all the peanuts in the circus!


  1. MILA HOOOOPE!!! Love that girly girl princess!! ♥

    It was awesome to meet you all last week!

  2. We've created a monster/diva!! Sorry Sarah and Shawn, but we love us some Mila Hooooope!

    She is so precious (and LOUD!)

  3. Mila is just sooo precious! LOVE that bright smile of hers and that impish grin. She's pure sunshine just like her big sister!
    PS. Will email you--probably tomorrow. Thanks so much!

  4. Such an incredible testimony!! This little one has come so far when I think back to her "airplane" arms days! If there were a way to match her amazing smile, that would make me match it!! Love these pics and the video is too funny! As always, thanks for sharing her and Zoya with us! (((BIG HUGS)))!!

  5. She is such a cutie!! Every time I read about your girls Ijust smile. My kids have even noticed and will say "you must be reading about Zoya and Mila" when they see me smile at the computer. It is a privilege to watch what love can do to a child....Mila's changes in 8 short months are amazing. I LOVED the video, and you are are in so much trouble because how could anyone not give in to that darling smile???? Thanks for sharing your girls with us!

  6. Love that last picture! What a silly girl. :)

  7. Oh man! I would be in big trouble too Mama! She is something else with that grin. She and her sister both have some killer smiles! =)

    Congrat's on the new diet additions and SLEEP!