Friday, August 30, 2013

Light Table Therapy

I love using our homemade light box for sensory play, learning, and integrating lots of therapy skills in a fun way! I blogged about our light box HERE previously. 

While Zoya was in school today (great first week by the way!) I pulled out the light box for Mila and Sofia. It kept their interest for about 40 minutes! We practiced stacking, taking turns, crossing midline, and standing and squatting to put items inside other items on top of the table. I just found some toys we had around the house that were see through, and they loved it! I enjoyed watching their faces light up with wonder while they played (and learned but didn't know it!)

This is my favorite picture, they look like baby wizards here! Their physical therapist brought this awesome light up shiny ball filled with gel and ribbons and forgot to take it with her after her last session, so we had some extra fun with it :) 

Here's a ton more pictures of our fun activity today! 


  1. What fun that looks like. When can I come play? :(

  2. They look so intent! They are blessed to have such a creative Mama! Glad to hear that Zoya had a great week at school! (((HUGS)))!!

  3. Those pictures are great! Looks like your girls had tons of fun. :)