Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School....

Tomorrow starts Zoya's third year of preschool! Since she has a June birthday, we decided to do one more year of preschool. Especially with me being home now, we're in no rush or need to send her to full day kindergarten just yet! She still naps 3-4 days out of the week and, well, I'd miss her too much if she was gone all day! LOL. Although she is ready skills wise, we just think Zoya could use one more year, emotionally, before she starts kindergarten.  Babies aren't babies forever but I'm trying my best to keep her little as long as I can :) The class Zoya is in now is multi-age from 3 years through kindergarten, so by doing one more year of preschool we buy her another year in this awesome classroom! It is the same class she was in last year and she knows she is loved and safe and expected to do her best in her classroom. Her team is amazing and we're excited about another year full of growth! I'm going to miss her lots, but she is ready to be back with her friends and she's so excited school is FINALLY starting again! 

Happy New School Year! 

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  1. Sweet girl....praying that she is having a wonderful morning with her friends and teachers! Praying for you, too, Mama as you send her off into the world! So. Hard. ((((BIG HUGS)))!!!