Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stay Longer, Summer!

The girls are starting to get a little bored with our summer activities....usually the pool and water table equal hours of fun, but they've been getting bored with it quicker, lately....which must mean we're getting close to saying goodbye to summer for the next 9 months! When Shawn's working his long days, this is an easy activity that makes them happy, though!

On a funny note, all 3 girls are wearing the same size bathing suit in the pics below! (all old bathing suits of Zoya's....we might be stretching it with Zoya here, but her other one was getting washed HAHA).

Mila is like those algae eating fish, keeping the pool clean with her tongue! She likes to go the whole way around making sure not to miss any spots! 

Sofia and Mila both inherited this talent from me, picking things up with their feet! 

Sofia has turned into a full time walker, I rarely see her crawl anymore.....even here she was walking all around the wet slippery deck pretty easily.....oh boy! 

Sofia's model pose....

I know she looks like a little butterball in pictures, but everyone who meets her in real life after only seeing pictures can't believe how small she is.....apparently the camera adds 10 pounds to her too! Think little gymnast body and that is Miss Sofia! 

Zoya working on her jumps! 


Pretty girl! 

Mila was totally cracking me up playing with her reflection for 10 minutes. She even did the itsy bitsy spider motions to her reflection! 

She is probably wondering why that baby front of her won't pick her up when she's asking so nicely! 

Isty Bitsy Spider song....

Clapping for a job well done...

Okay, listen here you baby! Stop copying me! 

Above in the glass reflection you can see Sofia getting into some trouble.....I turned around to see her doing this....

She decided to slowly sit down while smiling after the warning look I gave her! 

Sofia knows how to climb the slide and throw her leg over to sit down the right way...only took her a few tries to figure it out.....on that note Zoya just learned this summer how to navigate this slide herself HAHA. Mila enjoys going down it but can't climb the ladder yet. 

This look, I fear, I will see much more of as she gets older....

Every now and again she tries to go face first just to see if the rules changed at all. 

Here's to enjoying the last few weeks of summer! 


  1. What wonderful pictures of the girls. Yes summer will soon be over in your area and then you will have the pretty colors of fall. Just think how much fun it will be to take the girls to pick pumpkins. Did you get my post on Project Lifesaver? Carol

  2. Love them all. Sofia is going to keep you on your toes for sure. Cracking up at her slow sit down!

  3. Your girls are just precious! Love the pictures. They are sure growing!

  4. I just love seeing picture of your beautiful girls. I literally laughed out loud at the look Sofia was giving you when she was at the bottom of the slide stairs.

  5. HAHA! I love Sofia's "look". Watch out parents!! These pics are awesome! What a happy summer day! I can see that you truly have your hands full though....but with such sweet blessings!! (((HUGS)))!!!

  6. That Sofia cracks me up! I am embarrassed to admit that I used to think that children who survived an orphanage environment were very quiet and that it took many years to see that spark of life and energy. I was so naive--and sweet Sofia (and ALL your girls actually) have surely and thankfully proven THAT theory wrong! She has such energy and such a mischievous grin, lol! They are growing so fast and as always, are just too cute for words!