Monday, November 11, 2013


This is how I felt when I saw my blog makeover!!! (She's laughing, not crying haha!)

I'm so excited about my blog makeover! It's been long overdue! Check it out, what do you think? A new name, a new look, and hopefully a new commitment to blogging! Thank you to the amazingly talented Ashley for making this space look so beautiful!  Ashley is a fellow adoptive mama to a beautiful boy, Carter! You should really check out her blog. She just did a really great, informative post on sensory processing disorder. Take a LOOK! 

I have a few posts in the works-one I'm really excited about! I'll be sharing a "few" of our "favorite things" just in time for the holidays! If you are a mama to little ones with special needs (or without) hopefully you'll find some great gift ideas for your kiddos on that post!

I'm also working on a Question and Answer post! If you've left questions on past posts that haven't been answered, keep an eye out for this post! Also, if you have any questions (related to down syndrome, adoption, therapies, or our family, please leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them in the Q & A post!

Okay, I better go, this one's giving me the stink eye! (This picture was taken last night when Shawn told her it was time to go to bed! but we do see this face OFTEN from Sofia!)


  1. I like this new blog. What a face Sofia makes, wonder how she came up with it, I am sure she didn't learn it at home. Let's hope she forgets it soon. Carol

  2. What a hoot Miss Sofia' s expression is, lol. Congrats on the new blog design--Ashley did a "BEE-utiful" job! ;)

  3. VERY cute!!! Sofia's stink eye face just cracks me up and she looks as though she was more than happy to continue the look for picture taking! LOL! I'm looking forward to coming updates!! (((HUGS)))!!

  4. Love it and your 3 "bees"!! I love reading Ashley's blog too. ;)

  5. Hi Sarah! I have been following your blog for a while now. What precious little girls you have. I just noticed today a picture of Leeza on the sidebar of your blog from a post you had written 3 years ago. I contributed to Leeza's RR fund before she was adopted. I don't know if her family still has a blog or not. Do you by any chance know if they have a blog and how she is doing? I would love to see a recent picture of Leeza. Thanks for any info.

  6. New blog looks great! Oh the stink eye from Sofia, hysterical. I love the ZEST for life that Ms. Mila shows. :)

  7. I just saw this! Thanks for the sweet words!

    I have questions for your q&a post!!

    #1 - How do you pronounce your last name?! HA! Oh, but now it's Bee, so maybe you don't want to tell us your real last name. But you could tell us what it rhymes with :) And that it's not like the herb :)

    #2 - What does a typical 'day in the life of a Bee' look like? I can't even imagine all that you do between morning kisses and bedtime books. And you look so darling in every picture I've ever seen! Even the one with foils! So how do you do it all?

    #3 - Have you ever considered doing a youtube channel filled with videos on therapy how-to's? I'd love to see you in action - I've learned so much from your therapy posts, and it would be nice to SEE you doing some of those things instead of reading about it.

    That's all! :)