Friday, November 29, 2013

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Special Needs Wish List

Warning: This is not your typical Christmas Wish List, but if you have children with special needs, you'll understand! 

If you're as blessed as we are, you already have family and friends asking for Christmas Gift ideas for your kids! The thought honestly overwhelms me because I've adopted the "more is less" anthem in my life lately and the thought of lots more "stuff" coming into our house makes me a little hairy. For the past couple of years we've done three gifts for each child...we figure if it was enough for baby Jesus it's enough for them (plus we know they'll get spoiled by grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends!).

So, I thought I'd make a big long list of some of our FAVORITE things....most of them are therapy-related items, or items that we've found to be helpful as adaptive equipment for our girls. So if you're a parent of kids with special needs, maybe this list will help you come up with some useful gifts for Christmas! It's not your typical "holiday wish list" but if you're anything like me, you're very picky about what items come into your home....I always choose gift ideas with purpose. I'm not listing a ton of  "toys" here because we have very few toys that don't serve a purpose in our home! I know some of the items I'm listing may not sound "fun" and you probably won't want to wrap some of them up and put them under the tree for your kids or they might cry, but we all know having children with special needs is expensive, so there are some ideas listed that you might ask family members to buy when they're asking what you NEED :)

A lot of these links are amazon links because I'm an Amazon fanatic and have the Amazon Prime Membership! However, prices are always changing, so if you see an item you like do a search for it to see if you can find it cheaper somewhere else! An example of this is the radio flyer 3 seater wagon! I only paid $50 for it by finding an already awesome sale on it, using a coupon code plus a gift card and having it shipped to another city (for some reason it was cheaper that way?) and then having my brother pick it up for us! Also, when shopping online, check when items have multiple colors of the item available, often certain colors are cheaper than others depending on the stock!

Keep in mind, my children are 2-5, so most of the items are geared toward younger children! And lastly, none of these companies are paying me to say anything nice about their products, we just LOVE them! 


(We have the Signing Time Series 1 and 2 as well and love all of them, if you're going to pick a few though, the Baby Signing Time ones move a bit faster with more music to hold interest longer!)

(We have TONS of the DVDs/Books/Flashcards/Placemats from this company and I've blogged about them several times....a definite favorite!!) 


Weighted Medicine Ball

PBK Anywhere Chair
(We've used these for so many early gross motor skills during physical therapy!)

Walking Wings

Squeaker Shoes
(motivation to walk AND keeping tabs on wanders!)


Headphones for iPod



Crib Bumper Pads
(for restless sleepers or kids who bang their heads in their sleep)


Small Table
And Chairs
(we use these for everything from eating to crafts to work and play)


1. A Zoo Membership
2. A Month or Year Full of Dance/Gymnastic/whatever Classes
3. A Gas Gift Card (we spend lots of gas driving to and from therapies)
4. A Grocery Store Gift Card (some kids with special needs have special and expensive diets-like ours)
5. A babysitting coupon! Parents of kids with special needs have a harder time finding willing babysitters!
6. A Gift Certificate for a Family Photo Shoot

I hope there's something here that will be helpful! Please let me know if any of the links are broken or incorrect! 


  1. Awesome post! Love that you included the monkey locks - we've been looking for something exactly like this! Thanks!

    Also love your creative gift ideas at the bottom - a zoo membership or a year of classes would be such an awesome gift!

  2. What a wonderful list of items, I am sure your readers will find the list most useful. So looking forward to Sofia’s 11/12 month home post. It is so interesting how the three girls have stimulated each other to do more. What a year for the Bee’s both big Bee’s and the little Bee’s.

  3. This is the most comprehensive gift list for special needs children I have come across! I have twins with Cerebral Palsy and it's so hard to explain to family that "normal" toys just don't always work. This is an excellent example.

  4. This is the most comprehensive gift list for special needs children I have come across! I have twins with Cerebral Palsy and it's so hard to explain to family that "normal" toys just don't always work. This is an excellent example.