Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time To Dance!!

All 3 of the girls LOVE music and dancing A LOT! Zoya takes a dance class once a week and Mila and Sofia go to the same place for a Mommy and Me class once a week. Their teacher Miss Erica is amazing!!! The girls all look forward to dance every week! Zoya asks if it's dance day about 4-5 times a week and Mila has started asking too! For about a week she was saying, "C-uh" and we had no idea what she was saying at first. Turns out she was saying "Erica" for her teacher Miss Erica! Sofia was slow to warm up to the classes and clung to me for the first 4, but has since been rockin' it as well! 

This week Zoya got to come to the Mommy and Me class since she didn't have school....that meant that Shawn got to go too since one of us didn't need to be at school to pick her up that day! Since Shawn was there, we got to take some pictures. Typically I don't have any free hands as I'm jumping back and forth between the two little ones (and sweating by the end of the class haha). 

Here are some pictures from our fun dance class! 

My favorite part is the princess walk! 

Last week was the first week Sofia actually participated in the princess walk! All the times prior she'd throw the crown off her head, toss the princess wand and glare at everyone! HAHA! 

When it came time to pass the wand to Mila, Sofia needed some encouragement ;) 

Pretty Princess Mila! 

Mila loves dance SO MUCH that when it gets close to the end of the class she pouts and tries to find Miss Erica! The funny thing is, typically, Mila is such a mama's girl and cries if I leave the house without is the ONLY place where she would be perfectly fine if I just left her there! HAHA! 

Monkey Sofia jumping on the bed! 

My Mila girl is getting SOOOO big ! :( 

Dancing to Skidamarink! 




For recovering from having her tonsils/adenoids out just 6 days before, she looks great! 

As Zoya would say, "Oh, dancing! I love it!" 


  1. You are going to have your hands full when Miss Sofia gets bigger:) she is going to be such a little sassy thing:) so amazing to see their progress and the changes in them - especially little Mila!! Love them!!