Monday, November 25, 2013

Question and Answer Post Part 2 (Leeza Update)

Oops! I realized on my last post that only part of my answer to this question was published! I wanted to make sure I addressed it because my post about Leeza is one of my most commonly read posts!

Q: I just noticed today a picture of Leeza on the sidebar of your blog from a post you had written 3 years ago! I contributed to Leeza's RR fund before she was adopted. I don't know if her family still has a blog or not. Do you by any chance know if they have a blog and how she is doing? I would love to see a recent picture of Leeza. 

A: I love this question!! Thanks for asking so I can give a little update on "Leeza." If you've never read the post I wrote about "Leeza" 3 years ago, you can check it out HERE. To the reader who asked this question, I passed your email along to Mackie's family. Yes, Leeza's new name is "Mackie" and she is a total fighter and hung on just long enough for her family to find her!

Here she is with her Mama on her Gotcha Day in October of 2011. Yes, she's been home for two years!!!

She went through an extremely risky open heart surgery and came through with flying colors by the grace of God! Here she is looking for some snuggles and comfort from her mama during her recovery!

According to her mama she is quite the active little stinker (said endearingly)! Just look at the LIFE in this girl!!!! Talk about REDEMPTION!!!! WOW! 

Mackie's family adopted 2 other children at the same time they adopted Mackie and all 3 are THRIVING! You can totally tell by this picture that she's the Queen of the house, right? :) 

Having been able to follow Mackie's story since she has been home has truly touched my heart! If I didn't KNOW, I'd NEVER believe this happy little trouble maker was the same child that we observed in Zoya's orphanage. God has big plans for her life and seeing His redemption of Mackie leaves me in AWE! You can check out some more pictures on their blog HERE!

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