Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Festivities

This past weekend we had a great family weekend! Shawn had the weekend off and we had plans to have breakfast with Santa! Zoya is a little bit of a Santa stalker. This is the first year she's REALLY into Santa! She could hardly take her eyes off of him for a picture! Surprisingly Mila also got really excited and reached right for Santa as well! Sofia was a little more hesitant but she caved under peer pressure! 

When Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she replied, "presents...." well of course! 

Mila jammed out to some Elmo tunes on the iPod while waiting for breakfast! I've gotten so many comments about how grown up she looks lately....I know, I know....sigh.........

Sofia's down to only using her binky for naps and sleep, unless we're going somewhere new, she still needs it to help soothe herself as she tends to get a little overwhelmed in new places. 

I have no idea what's happening here.  This was the first time we've all gone out to eat in a restaurant...umm...maybe ever? Yah, now I remember why!!!!! 

Santa appeared at our table! Zoya was in shock!! 

Sofia, a bit hesitant of the big jolly guy! 

Mila waving to Santa! 

In this picture Mila had not yet noticed Santa (a little out of order)...

But she saw his red sleeve out of the corner of her eye and followed the sleeve up his arm to his face and this is the face she made when she realized he was sitting next to her!! HAHAHHA! I can hear her if she could speak in sentences she's saying, "Holy Moly, Mom! IS that really SANTA?!?!?!?"

Zoya could not stop hugging was a real problem LOL! (not really, but she didn't understand that he had to spend time with OTHER kids too haha)

Stuffing her face, sister LIVES for food...especially VEGGIE STRAWS! 

Daddy is so funny! 

Mila has been a kissing MACHINE lately!!! Love the tongue out kisses she gives! 

Family photo! Mila was too busy watching Elmo :)

When we got home, we made some gluten free sugar cut-out cookies! Cut out cookies have always been a tradition in my family and I was happy to find a good recipe I could use with the girls! 

Tasting the dough....shhh!

Zoya decorating with Daddy!

Mila for the win! LOL 

What IS this thing? (Can you tell my kids don't get cookies often??? hahah)

This is her mad scientist face which always happens right before her crazy laugh when she loves something! 

Nom, Nom, Nom! 

And Zoya and I went on a sleigh ride to Santa's cabin with some friends that night! We decided not to take the little ones this year...and I'm glad we did! It was frigid, the drive was long because we got a little lost, and trying to carry THREE kids through snow is not my idea of fun! BUT Zoya had a blast! This was her second time going on this sleigh ride. It's really cute! 

She got to drive. The guy in charge asked her, "Have you done this before because you're really good!" and she yelled, "Yah!" 

Liv and Zoya <3 p="">

Santa! I get to see you AGAIN?! Santa laughed really hard when Zoya came up a second time with Mickey and Minnie and told him THEY needed a goody bag too! HA! 

Zoya asked if she could ride that beast! HA! 

On the way back licking snow off her mittens! Everyone else was frozen to the bone and ready to get back to the cars and she kept saying, "More ride! Not all done! More!" That's my girl! 

I love the start of all these traditions with my sweet lil' family! 


  1. What fun for the Three Bees, not only breaksfast with Santa, making cookies and a sleigh ride for Miss Zoya.I so wish I was on the sleigh ride even though it was so cold it much have been so much fun. Next year I am sure you will pack some extra blankets.What a year Sofia has had, this will be here first real Christmas. I am curious, how were you able get paperwork done and to "spring" Sofia on Christmas Day, how could you do that on Christmas, weren't offices closed that day? Merry Christmas and Happy 2014.

    1. Her birth country does not celebrate our Christmas, they celebrate the orthodox Christmas so it was not a holiday there :)

    2. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

  2. Can you share the recipe for the GF Sugar Cookies??? I am gluten free and haven't had any good sugar cookies in YEARS!!!

    1. Sure thing! I left the link under Victoria's comment below!

    2. Thank you! I can't wait to try them!

  3. love the pictures. look like some great memories with your girls. Mind if I ask where you found the gf cookie recipe. We found out we had to go gf this year and haven't found a recipe that works yet, would love to restart that tradition.

    1. Sure! I used this recipe: I actually used REAL sugar though! It's rare I use white sugar but hey it's Christmas :) The dough was a bit sticky and a little difficult to work with, but I just popped it in the freezer if it started getting too soft and that helped a lot! The cookies were soooooooo good! Crunchy edges with a chewy soft center! Even my hubby liked them and a lot of GF things don't pass his test LOL!

    2. Thanks, looks like i may get a little side tracked from laundry tonight looking at recipes :)

    3. Oh! I know...I LOVE that website! I find some of my favorite GF recipes there :)

  4. What sweet memories (and cookies, lol) you are making! Zoya looked like she thoroughly enjoyed her sleigh ride with mama--and her visit with Santa too of course lol!

  5. Oh what fun it is to ride!!! Especially along the road with your three little bees! Love seeing their smiles and the sparkle in their eyes! Mila cracks me up with her faces. She seems so intent on everything she does. It's so wonderful to see the joy in your family. LOVE! ((((HUGS))))!

  6. I LOVE all of your posts, but this may be my FAVORITE! Words can't express how amazing each picture is of your darling daughters experiencing all that is Christmas:) I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

    Susan from Boston
    Thanks for the gf sugar cookie recipe too! My niece eats only gf and will love this:)

  7. You have the cutest family! And I also have to say they have the cutest Christmas outfits ever.