Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas Gotcha Day Sofia!

Last Christmas Sofia got to break free from the orphanage and begin her life with her forever family! In many ways I can't believe she's been home a year already, and in so many ways I can't really remember life without her! Merry Christmas, beautiful! 

I'll do a bigger Sofia update on her "One Year Home" post at the end of the month! 


  1. Happy Gotcha Day, Sofia! Merry Christmas sweet Sarah and family!

  2. Just love seeing the pictures again, especially the one of her having her hair brushed one last time in the orphanage and her first bath away from the orphanage.It probably was the first bath where she had that she was able to play in the water.

  3. Joyful Sofia!!! I can't believe it has been a year either! A 2013 calendar on my desk (and on my fridge) reminds me that it was indeed that long ago!! What a blessing that she has transitioned so beautifully into her forever family!! Love watching her grow and blossom! (((BIG HUGS)))!!

  4. Sarah, A beautiful photo of both you and Sofia are on the video "Safe in the arms of love" at 2.54 minute mark. The Reece Rainbow video is posted by Julie Nalle on her blog at

    Sofia personifies a free joyous spirit!