Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Never Too Late......Or Is It?

Check out the change in Sofia in one year's time!

I love that quote. It is perfect for my children, and all the children who were once orphans, but now have families! I thank the Lord for allowing Sofia (and Zoya and Mila) a chance to "be what they might have been...."

However, I can't help but think of all the orphans still waiting. You know what? Sometimes it IS too late to "be what you might have been." You know WHEN it's too late? When you're a 5 year old orphan with special needs, and when your family never comes for you, and when you die upon transfer to your mental institution....or when you're a 1 year old orphan with a heart defect desperately in need of surgery but you don't have a family to get you the medical care you need and you die from something that could have so easily been fixed, if only you had a family....you know when else it's too late? When you're a 16 year old orphan who has aged out of the system, still without a family, and you commit suicide because nobody ever invested a single ouce of love into your life and the pain is too much to bear....THEN it's too late....

What will YOU do in 2014 to care for orphans? Maybe you have a tiny little inkling that you might consider adoption, please DON'T ignore that little voice you hear. It's DEFINITELY not too late for YOU to step up and give a child a fighting chance! Check out the waiting children at Reece's Rainbow. Tonight ends the Angel Tree Fundraiser....choose a child....a face you just can't ignore....and donate to their account to help them find a family. I dare you to look at those faces and click out of your browser and forget about all of them forever as you go on with your Holiday Celebrations with full bellies and hearts, warm beds and hugs and kisses....all while they wait with none of those things! And if you're really brave and you've been praying about adoption for some time and you're looking for that SIGN, I can assure you the Lord did not lay this on your heart for you to just walk away! I know there's got to be at least ONE PERSON reading this right now who is scared to death to take that leap, but knows in their heart the Lord is calling them to adopt....if that's you, ACT NOW!

That's all from me for now.....I'll be back next year ;)


  1. Beautiful! And so true. As a single Mom (to a college student) in my 40's, I'm unable to adopt, but whenever I have extra money I donate to causes that help orphans and women. When I got a raise I gave a sacrificial donation to Vision for the Children International. When I got my Christmas bonus at work, again I donated. I would love to adopt a child but it isn't practical for me, so I give in ways that help and make a difference.

  2. Sarah, your girls are absolutely beautiful and I so love reading the stories of those who have adopted. I was adopted as an infant, have 6 children I gave birth to from 30-9 and my husband and I have been in the fost-adopt program for two and half years and still waiting. Over a year ago I cam across Reeces Rainbow and fell in love. I so so so long to rescue one of these sweet ones and be their forever family. I just don't understand where people et the money to do this. I know, you raise it. But I wrote an entire blog and also posted a campaign on a fundraising website...and nothing. People always say we are amazing and admirable, etc. yet no one wants to contribute. We are willing to do the hard part. But its not something we can afford to do on our own. I see people such as yourself that have three beautiful blessings...and I just wonder how in the world you were able to do it. I would adopt again and again if I could find the funds

  3. Thank you Sarah, this is exactly the kind of blog post I was looking for. The perfect one to show to my husband.
    All my very best wishes for the new year to come. Regards from Switzerland, Bettina

  4. Well said! Happy New Year, Sarah and family!

  5. Does Reece's Rainbow do follow up on the children that are adopted with the help of their agency and if so does any of that information get sent to the orphanages? I imagine the biological parents must wonder what has become of their children and they would feel much better if they knew their children were placed in loving homes and are doing well. As much as the adoptive parents are thrilled to have adopted their special ones the bio parents certainly have or are going through agony and such heartbreak. Hopefully the beginning of acceptance of special needs children will come to pass in the not to far future in the eastern European region.