Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweet Sweet Sisters!

I love watching the bond between my three precious daughters develop! The Lord clearly made them with one another in mind!!! Here's a couple videos: one of Mila and Sofia and one of Zoya and Mila....what I really need is one of Zoya and Sofia because those two are T.R.O.U.B.L.E. when they're together!!!! 

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be so blessed! Not every day is easy, but every day has moments of pure joy and love and I'm lucky to get to be a part of it all! 

Mila and I started this game where she claps, and then I clap and run and tickle her when she's in the swing. It means I usually don't get anything done when she's in the swing anymore, but it also means that Zoya has watched our interaction and mimicked means that I know Zoya is growing up knowing not only what love looks like, but how to give love and make others laugh! 

Mila has been the Kissing Queen Lately....and Sofia has picked up on that and started giving her own kisses as well! Mila's kisses consist of her long skinny tongue stuck straight out, but they're the best kind of kisses if you ask me! Once these two start kissing they can't stop! The other night in the bathtub the three of them must have kissed each other 100 times! It means they all caught Zoya's cold, but it also means they feel safe and loved....they'll always have a friend to give love to, and a friend to receive love from, and that makes my heart so happy! 


  1. Every time you post videos of your girls, it makes me go check the newest little girl listings. My big girls are buddies--Thea needs a playmate! So fun to see them together.

  2. Love seeing your girls in action!! Who can help but laugh when you hear the awesome sounds of their laughter??!?!??!!!? It's so much fun to see how much they've grown and how their little personalities are developing. But it would be nice if they could stay little a bit longer!! (((HUGS)))!

  3. Just think two years ago Mila was recovering from surgery and one year ago Sarah and Uncle Bub were packing their bags to go on their journey to" spring" Sofia from the orphanage on Christmas Day. One wonders what was going through Sofia's head when she saw Sarah again. We do know that she recognized her mama. Little did she know how her life was going to change and that she was going to have a forever family and that mealtime would be a joy for her and not the ordeal she had been experiencing.