Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 months waiting

Two months ago today we committed to adopt Zoya. Shawn and I have changed a lot in those last 2 months. God has made us people who are more aware of the world around us. He has helped us to become less self-centered and self-focused. When we first committed we were somewhat hesitant to tell everyone, not knowing what the reactions might be. Today, we don't care what the reactions are because we are not doing this for anybody else! We are doing this because God has led us to do so and because we WANT this child with all of our heart! Once we committed, any fears we had about making this decision slowly melted away. I can honestly say we have no fears about bringing Zoya home. We have no fears about raising her, being her momma and daddy, loving her, or teaching her. I think about how it has been 2 months....they have seemed so long...I can't believe we've only known about this child for 3 months...it feels like she has been in our hearts since the beginning of time. So when other people ask, "do they know what they're getting into?" Yes we do, and we can't wait! We could be traveling in as soon as 3 short months! Hopefully they go by faster than these last 2. Waiting for something this special is so difficult and heart wrenching. We are coming for you Zoya baby!

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