Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today we got the long awaited notice from USCIS in the mail! Our fingerprint appointment....well it didn't really specify a day...just said come any time next Buffalo! We were hoping for Buffalo instead of Pittsburgh since its closer. This is a huge step as it will be the last piece of paperwork we need for our dossier! It can take 1-9 weeks to get the approval after the fingerprints, and by that time we should have everything else notarized, apostilled (after a trip to Harrisburg and a $15 per document charge) and ready to send to Zoya's country. After that we just WAIT for an appointment to go see our baby! We are hoping to travel after her country re-opens toward the end of February or beginning of March. We can't wait to get there!

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  1. Dear Sarah and Shawn, The Lord has indeed blessed you both. Little Zoya has a special Mommy and Daddy! I'm so happy you got the "appointment" for your fingerprints where you can visit family too! He is watching over all! Amazing Grace! Love and prayers, Kathy