Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's in a name....and some other facts about Zoya

Many people have asked us if we are going to keep Zoya's name.  At first we weren't sure.  A lot of people actually change their adopted children's given names to a more American name, or change the name to give the kids a fresh start and leave the orphanage memories behind. 

We have decided to keep Zoya's name.  It has two pronunciations. The first pronunciation is Z-oh-ya and the second is Z-oi-ya...we are going to pronounce it the second way.

The meaning of her name is LIFE!  

It will be a daily reminder that she truly is a gift from God.  Another reason we decided we would like to keep it is because it is part of her heritage.  She will have a pretty cool story to tell people one day and we want her to remember and learn about her heritage. 

Zoya is 17 months old today, but more the size of a 6 month old.  She cannot sit up on her own yet, but can roll over.  She likes to play with toys and interact with others.  She needs heart surgery that she will likely have soon in her country.  That's everything we know.  People have asked us if she will talk, or walk, or what her abilities will be.  We don't know.  It doesn't matter.  We know that God has led us here and He knows all of those answers.  Whatever the answers may be, it doesn't make a difference.  Our goal for her is to do the best she can, to be happy, feel loved and accepted, use her God-given talents whatever they may be, and know she is needed and wanted so badly in this world. 

Although we've only had a picture and a few sentences about her, it feels that she has been in our hearts long before we ever knew of her.  It is so hard to be so far away from a child who has grown in our hearts. Wondering. Every day. Worrying. Every day. Praying.  Every day. That God will protect her little body and mind and keep her safe and let her feel loved until we can get to her.


  1. Shawn and Sarah,
    We are keeping you and Zoya in our prayers...God bless you all!

    Fred and Olivia
    Allegany, NY

  2. Praying. We too are going thru this journey. Our daughter is deaf and blind. I feel like she is mine, like I was always her mama. I worry, pray, worry, hope, worry and pray more and more and more. I love her name and the meaning. Our daughter's real name is Kseniya. Her name when we got the email was Faith so we though that was her real name we didnt find out til later it wasnt. So she will always be Faith to us. We are thinking of keeping Kseniya in her name if her birthmother named her otherwise we will go with Zhanna which means grace. So her whole name would be Irina Zhanna(or Kseniya) Faith. I am so happy for you and I dont even know you. I just know that these children in orphanages need families especially special needs kids bc we know where they will end up. May God bless your journey and your new found family.