Monday, May 31, 2010

First Trip to the Zoo and First Haircut!

We are so lucky to have been blessed with a membership to the zoo (Thanks L.)! So we got packed up and ready for or first trip last Sunday. We got there at 10am when the zoo opened and there was hardly anyone there yet which was nice.  Zoya seemed mostly interested in eating her goldfish snack, but she did like seeing the animals.  Her favorite were the kangaroos.  They are not fenced off from the walkway so they jump back in forth in front of you while you walk! She thought this was so cool!! She also seemed interested in and was waving to the orangatang!

Zoya and the orangatang...front row seats!

What a life...basking in the sun!

Checking out the warthog

Not so sure what to think of the Rhinos!

I love this she is afraid to turn around because the Rhino will get her!

Zoya enjoyed watching the ducks splash in the water

As you can see, Zoya was a little scared on the carousel! She didn't enjoy it very much.

Zoya and the Kangaroos....

I love this picture because you can see Zoya smiling in Shawn's glasses.  She just kept smiling at the kangaroos!

Waving to the Kangaroos

Zoya and the Llama. They had a staring competition! Looking at this picture makes me wonder what was going through her mind on our zoo trip. Everything is brand new to her and she must have thought this Llama was just weird! LOL.

Zoya on the train.  She enjoyed it until we went through the dark scary tunnel. Then she wasn't having it. I think it was sensory overload for her by that point.

And she's out! Tired girl after her first trip to the zoo. 
Can't wait to go back :)

Zoya had her first hair cut (right after her doctor appointment where she got all the shots and an hour before she got sick...notice how happy and un-sick she looks here). She seemed to enjoy it!

Give the girl a comb and she is in heaven!

Her new do (looks the same for now while we grow it out)

A friend who just met Zoya called her a "Sassy Little Diva," which I think fits her perfectly.  We're in for some trouble when she gets older, that's for sure! She can give looks like a sixteen year old already! She gives the raised eyebrow "eye" and the pouty lip.  Funny thing is she hasn't been around that many other kids to learn these things.  I think they just come along with being a spoiled American! haha.

I'm working on a post to answer some questions that people have left under comments.  So if you have anything you'd like to ask, leave it in the comments section and I'll get to it on the next post :)


  1. Zoo memberships are awesome! I bought one for my sister for the Buffalo, NY zoo and she learned that she could use it at museums/zoo across the US. Saved her nearly $20 on a trip to Boston with her boys. I can't wait to get our membership to the zoo now as it will be well worth the cost.

    I often wonder what goes thru their minds too when they can't communicate what they are thinking.

    Izzy is also learning "the looks". She gave me one in the car yesterday, rolling of the eyes which cracked me up. She thinks they are fun to do.

    Ok here's a question: Does Zoya watch kids shows? If she does, is there any particular show like Sesame Street that she enjoys? I can only imagine that TV was not something they had access to???? Izzy's favorite started off with The Super Sleuths with Pooh and now it is Elmo, but we still enjoy The SS's together. It was a show that her and I would snuggle on the couch and watch. Now when it comes on she yells to me to hurry up. Too funny!


    Enjoy your Memorial Day!

    PS: I love that you are documenting all her "firsts"!

  2. okay, don't know if you can answer this one, but that looks so much like the zoo in our city! you aren't in the fort wayne area are you?


  3. Zoya is adorable!

    Thanks for the invitation to questions! Here's a very ignorant question: how did you find out what the day to day life is like with a child who has Down Syndrome? Ex: how much supervision do they require on average, per age group? I have not found a single place to answer this question.

  4. I loved seeing your little family having fun at the zoo...the first of many trips this season. Happy Haircut pics were great too. Thanks for keeping us all updated.

  5. Way cute pics of you all.
    I wanted to know about Zoya's name, its so lovely, was that her birth name or did you decided on this for her?

  6. Hi Sarah!

    I have been following your blog for a few weeks. Your daughter is Beautiful - Congrats!!!! I look forward to each post. Zoya's smile is addicting!! I too would like to bring home a precious lil one home. When I viewed your Zoo pictures - I immediately looked at your profile to confirm this was Erie zoo. I live in Jamestown, NY and love that Zoo!

    I always leave your blog with a smile (thank you:)) - well except for the ER visit one - sorry about that. Poor lil peanut! I am glad she is better. A fever that High is so scarry. Well I hope that next year this time if you are willing we can set up a play date for our two precious gems from across the world???

  7. Love the new pictures, and I am glad that Zoya is feeling better. Just so you know, the Erie Zoo is free to everyone on Sundays, so to avoid crowds, try another day in the summer. She will learn to love the train and unusual (for her, anyway) animals. Hope all is well.

    Sue M.

  8. Ohhh big Happy Happy Birthday to you Zoya!!! you are two today....yippee!
    Hugs from New Zealand