Friday, May 21, 2010

You've Gotta Watch This!

If I were in this situation, I would probably be arrested. (Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the blog to pause the music so you can hear the video). If you have never seen this show before, what they do is set up scenarios and see how people will react.  The people in the video are actors and aren't actually real people saying real mean things, although I know these things are said and at times, sadly, people with Down Syndrome are treated like this. 


  1. Thank God for that people that said something! I watched it thru tears! I must be so naive bc I didnt think this really happens. I have to believe that I would say something I just hope I never have to have the opportunity.

  2. so I watched this with tears in my eyes. my first thought was ok I would step in and help the bagger to deflect the abuse. but that would just reinforce that its ok to act like that. I probably would have in the past been quiet or not said much but now I HAVE kids who are different. I SEE every day that they are REAL and have FEELINGS and hopes and dreams just like everyone else. I dont know how I would react but I hope I would find the courage to stand up for people.

  3. thank you for sharing that, really is sickening how many people let that abuse go on, but really inspiring to hear the women who stood their ground and fought to stop such injustice.
    Hope Zoya girl took a nap today:-) Liz

  4. I have never seem any thing quite as disgusting as the way those actors treated the "bag boy" actor.
    The "customers" were a little over the top, so I pray no human beings would actually treat other human beings like they did. Thanks for the eye-opener! Kevin and I are looking forward to Zoyapalooza!

    Sue Moczulski

  5. It made me sick to my stomach to even think that people would talk like this, knowing that they were actors didn't make it any easier to watch.

    Loved the woman who was ready to punch him out and the gentleman that kept insisting that he be thrown out of the store got to me, when he shared about his sister that was incredibly moving.

    Thanks for sharing!

    May Zoya never experience any of this disturbing and uncalled for behavior.

  6. Just found your blog at the end of last week and keep re-visiting! I have become somewhat obsessed with Reece's Rainbow lately and adore the children listed. I keep wondering if God has something in store for us that we hadn't even considered before now. We have 4 bio kids and a daughter from Ethiopia. We just have kind of assumed we would return to Ethiopia and adopt an older child whose chances are slim to find a family. But I keep looking at these beautiful children and want to weep! I would love to pick your brain about your experience and just some general questions about DS. my email is Oh yeah....we live in central PA - State College. The good old home of Penn State. It made it that much more sweet when I realized you lived in PA too. Somehow it seems like you are more accessible! Love your hearts and your daughter is gorgeous!! Bless you - Becky

  7. I have a disability and talk slow and slur my words when I'm tired and people really do treat me like that they talk loud or extra slow or they stuff like this to my mom "how old is she or whats her name" like i cant talk for myself