Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures as Promised....and Videos

Zoya with her new crawling skills! She is also starting to sit up from a "laying on back" position.  Usually when she is on her back she rolls to her belly and scoots herself up in the weirdest most uncomfortable looking way.  So we are doing PT with her and holding her legs down while she is laying on her back, giving her a finger to hold on to and she is using her other hand (and her abs) to push off the floor to sitting position! Yay Zoya.

Here is Zoya's first birthday present from her Great Aunt! We tried it without the foot board in the bottom (see her toes peeking through?) but she ended up falling through so we put the foot board in.  Mya thought it was pretty cool too!

This was yesterday during day 5 of nap protest.  She fell asleep in the car before lunch so I took her right to her crib where she slept for an hour and a half (shoes and all...I wasn't taking any chances waking the monster up!).  Not the typical 3 hours but I'll take it! Still having troubles in the nap area! But I definitely don't think it's bc she is giving up her nap...she is way too tired to go without a nap...even when we put her to bed early.  She just wakes up earlier then and is even more tired! Stinker. (P.S. right now the only way I'm updating the blog is because she fought sleep for over an hour crying and carrying on and FINALLY fell asleep and has been sleeping for an hour and a half...thank God for Shawn who can put up a much better fight in the sleep game than me).

Zoya's first day at church today.  Here she is before we left sitting pretty watching the trees. 

Here she is at church sitting with Daddy and the secret weapon (oyster crackers).  She liked the music but was definitely scared by the drums! She was a little socialite as usual and got lots of smiles.

Below is a cute video of Zoya pretending to call Daddy at work.  She is very observant.  She watches EVERYTHING everyone does and says and that is how she learns modeling. Well the first time she picked up my phone and started pretending to talk to "Dada" I just about cracked up.  I finally got it on video.  When Shawn is at work we will call him and put it on speaker phone and she always looks so amazed trying to figure it out! In this video Shawn wasn't actually on the phone...she was just pretending....either that or she thought she could call him herself!

This video is this morning....Zoya learned the sign for "dance" which she loves to do.  The way to sign "dance" is to sweep the pointer and middle finger across the other hand's palm.  Well Zoya, in true Zoya form, adapted the sign to make it her own. She uses her thumb and sweeps it back and forth on her other palm, or sometimes uses her pointer finger to do the sign.  She has learned that when she makes the sign we will turn on the radio or sing and dance! She thinks it's great that she can use a sign to get us to do something!  Little Miss Communicator! In the video you can kinda see her doing it (although she is reluctant to let go of her favorite shoe!).  You can also see her shakin her booty! (She likes 80s music! Ha).


  1. Ohhh what a cute little "boggie" baby she is!
    You must be very proud, she is just a little darling.

    When my little man started trying to cut out his day naps I used to bundle him up and take him for a ride in the pram, the fresh air and bumpty bumpty used to send him off to sleep most times, then Id leave him asleep in the pram where I could see him and did what ever I needed to do etc.
    Hugs from NZ

  2. Love the pictures and the video's! What a personality that girl has! Hang in there with the nap thing...this too shall pass. Love, Liz

  3. So precious. I can hardly stand it. PS Nice song choice!

  4. Zoya,

    Izzy thinks you are just so funny. She loves those smiles.

    We've been struggling with that nap thing here too, since they are virtually the same age now I'm wondering is it an age thing? We went so far as a nice long walk tonight to make sure that she would go to sleep after finally convincing her that a nap was a good thing to do when you're so cranky and tired that you can't keep your head from flopping at 4 pm. oh boy, some days it is tough!

    Ok, that rocker on the front porch is the largest one I've ever seen. She looks like she is so tiny in it.

    Wow, I want to come to your church, those chairs look oh so comfy cozy. Ours are not that comfy at all. I would sit still and behave in church too if someone fed me oyster crackers. :)

    Hang in there you guys are doing an awesome job!

    Hugs from,
    Teri and Ms. Izzy

  5. So cute! What a great kid you have there!!! Nap protests(at least for my children) come in spurts. They may be fine for months then one day they say no more, they arent done it is just a phase they have to get through. Sometimes it lasts a week sometimes a month. Good Luck.
    Be blessed

  6. Love the new pics & videos! They are so precious! Good luck with the sleep thing :) our little girl is almost 2... when we switched her from 2 naps to 1 it was a little difficult for the 1st couple weeks & cranky but things got better once she got the hang of the new routine & now she sleeps like a charm... Most the time that is :)

  7. Hey there, I'm just a lurker from RR. I just wanted to throw out there that many baby books say that often times babies in that 8-12 month phase can have sleep issues because they are learning so many new things and they can't turn their brains off and settle down- they want to keep "practicing" (my daughter is there right now!). I know Zoya is older than that, but if you think about all the new things she is learning and experiencing and all the stimulation she now gets- it might be what she is going through! I really liked the book The Baby Whisperer to help with my daughter! You guys are doing a great job... congrats on your new addition! :)