Saturday, July 3, 2010

Punxsutawney Party

Yep....Punxsutawney....the place where the groundhog lives....also the place Shawn's family lives!  A few weekends ago Shawn's family threw a welcome home party/shower for Zoya! This was the first time that most of his family met Zoya. The party was great (even though I think it was like 95 degrees ha). Zoya ate her fair share of Grandpa's homemade meatballs and was a happy girl the whole time (despite waking up earlier than usual that morning and only sleeping about 45 minutes in the car on the way there). Everyone was so excited to meet Zoya and many had said lots of prayers to get us home!

Meeting Uncle Steve and Aunt Stacey (Shawn's Brother and Sister)

This picture was taken right before Zoya swooped in on Aunt Stacey with the puppy dog kisses!

Meeting Aunt Kim and cousin Mattea

Zoya has a thing with babies and their heads! Shawn is telling her "nice"

Kisses from Grandma

Zoya's cake!

Everyone enjoyed the great food!

Zoya taking a break from the meatballs to smile for a picture.

Zoya's new favorite 3rd cousin...Alexandra-want to move in with us? :)

Grandpa always tries to get Zoya to share her goldfish...this time she did (after a few tries)

Time to open presents...see all the kid legs to the right? So fun to watch others open presents! Zoya still loves this wagon!

Zoya opening her toy lawnmower (I think Daddy was just as excited about this one!)

Look at this BEAUTIFUL quilt Aunt Nancy made!! We are so excited to have a famous "Aunt Nancy" quilt!

Zoya was so tired from all the fun that she fell asleep after being in the car for 30 seconds! Punxsy throws a good party!


  1. Love that the cake says "welcome to our hearts" - yes, I cried!!! Love the quilt - WOW!!!! Ok, Love it ALL!!!

  2. Looked like a great time! Happy 4th of July, What an independence day for Zoya

  3. So great! Looks like you all had a great time. We go to Punxy every labor day, small world. haha. How blessed we all re to know of Zoya and to know Zoya.

    Be blessed.

  4. YES! I would love to come and live with you guyes! lol! but i think my family ould miss me to much here in Punxsy...but still! haha happy 4th of july hope Zoya had the time of her life!
    - Alexandra
    P.S. I hope you liked the card!

  5. Gorgeous blanket.....

    Looks like it was an awesome party.