Tuesday, July 27, 2010

11 Fun Facts About Zoya (because I couldn't do just 10)

1. She loves motorcycles. She will make a funny "brrrrooommm" sound every time she sees one and waves her arms in excitement!
2. She taps her pointer finger or her whole hand (usually on her leg) in rhythm with the beat of whatever song is on.
3. She is currently afraid of chairs anywhere outside of our house. Regular chairs, booster chairs, high chairs. She is currently refusing to sit anywhere but our laps when we sit at a table outside of our house. (Sigh)
4. She loves Elmo and calls him "Lala" because that's what he says most of the time!
5. Zoya has a "cabbage patch" face that could also be mistaken for a Ukrainian babushka! (See below)
6. Since Zoya has been home she never cried when she got hurt. We have been over dramatic with her when she gets hurt trying to teacher her the appropriate reaction. Now whenever she falls or bumps into something she whimpers and almost cries (a few times she has cried). I scoop her up and say oh my poor baby are you okay, you poor thing, yada yada yada. You get the point. She whimpers through all my sympathizing and as soon as I kiss her and say "all better" she instantly stops whimpering and she's fine just like that! Love it!
7. Zoya loves boys! (Look out Daddy!). She has lots of friends but her favorite friends are all boys. She climbs on them and feels their hair and then kisses them like a million times either on their face or belly!
8. I now have a laundry helper! I put the wet clothes from the washer onto the dryer door and Zoya's job is to push them into the dryer. She gets very excited to help!
9. She has learned to say "Shhhhh" with her finger to her lips. Sometimes she get mixed up and uses her thumb and its too funny! She likes telling Mya "Shhhh" whenever she barks! (See Below)
10. Zoya is a crazy sleeper. Like CRAZY crazy! She can often be found with one foot through the bars of the crib, or tossing and turning half the night, kicking her feet off the bars, sitting up, falling over, thumping her legs on the mattress and doing all of this IN HER SLEEP. I am terrified of the day we have to move her out of the crib!
11. Zoya has learned to actually give a kiss. She used to just lean toward ya and give an open mouth kiss, now she is actually puckering up and smooching hard. She cracks me up and reminds me of everyone's not so favorite great aunt who attacks people with kisses after not seeing them in years!! She kisses with her whole heart thats for sure!

Here is Zoya's "Shhhhhhh"

The famous "cabbage patch" face

Our crazy sleeper. We have a video monitor and I took a picture of it. Almost every night at some point we can see this:
That little black boot like object is her foot. One foot is almost always sticking out!!

We wouldn't trade her for the world!


  1. I don't get any negative comments about international adoptions.
    Zoya won the lottery when she came to your family and you likewise.
    It is all just awesome.

  2. I love the foot out the crib. I bet it is fun to lay in bed and watch her sleep.

  3. Hey, Sarah! I am surprised you could keep it to eleven! She is one special little girl, that is for sure. So happy for your little family...Love, Liz

  4. Her "cabbage patch" face just cracks me up! She is so adorable. The picture of her saying "shhhh" is very cute too.


  5. Elias loves motos too!

    the shhh picture is awww,

    and abotu her foot, Elias does the same, he is 5 and we havent removed the bars from his bed, im sure he will fall alot!

  6. Hi! I just wanted to let you know what an absolutely beautiful little girl you have! Any time I need a pick-me-up I just pop on over to your blog and read about your beautiful family. Anne is right, Zoya won the lottery and so did you! She is so adorable!

  7. 11 Fun Facts to celebrate and more fun facts that are daily celebrations of the life she is living. I love how you celebrate big and small moments in your lives and navigate over here daily for my quick Zoya pick me-up. Keep Smiling! Thanks for your email. We are reading books, blogs, and websites to learn and see where God is moving in our lives. Thanks for sharing your journey and inspiring others to take the leap of faith.

  8. God bless your transparency about the difficulty of adoption. I have been a foster/adoptive parent for 12 years. Some days are so tough. God richly bless your continued determination to press on through the not so- dancing-in-the-breeze kind of parenting days. More parents need to know about plugging on in spite of the really tough ones. LOVE IN CHRIST!!

  9. Sarah, she is so stinkin cute. I always love to see pics of her and her precious facial expressions and all she does. The mirror video was adorable. I'm so glad to get caught up a bit on all these precious posts I've been missing!