Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Post

Here is proof that Zoya not only tolerates, but now LOVES being tipped upside down and backward! Now only if I had thought to take a "before" picture when she HATED it! After two weeks of using the therapeutic listening she has transformed in so many ways in the area of sensory processing! I'm literally hanging her by her feet here! Now when we do this she laughs and signs "more" when we stop!

Dump Truck Dolly

I think we need to buy some trucks for Zoya...she just loves playing with trucks and cars!

Playing in her Sand/Water table, which became just a water table after repeated attempts to eat enormous amounts of sand!

These 2 are best buddies, Mya just doesn't know it yet!

Some friends are letting us borrow their jump-o-lene...Zoya is definitely a fan!

Taking a stroll at Presque Isle....ahhh the life! (Notice Baby Einstein toy from Ukraine trip...this is #4!)

Check out Zoya's special chair!

Watching Baby Signing Times and relaxing with a cold one! (milk that is)

Chair is perfect for working on sit to stand and sit to stand to walk!

Doing some work...yes I realize she isn't putting the pieces on the right color but THIS is progress...she is actually in a free open space and focusing on an activity! (when she has the opportunity to run away and play with anything else) When we first brought her home I couldn't even get her to drop 3 pegs into a bucket from her high chair! Just look at her now!

Zoya is taking more steps and she has been much more controlled and steady and trying to find her balance. It is so cute to watch! Sometimes she ends up walking backwards a little bit while trying to balance.  She is now able to push up from the middle of the floor to standing and out of the corner of my eye the other day I watched her push up to standing and then take off walking!! I tried to get it on video but it was unsuccessful of course! She is scaring me to death when she just takes off walking and then falls, at least she is mostly catching herself and not face planting as much (although she thinks it is funny).  Sorry about the bad quality of the video!


  1. Get that girl some trucks and cars!!!
    She is precious...thank you for sharing her with us!!
    Sunnie in NC

  2. Isnt she doing sooo well, you must be very proud of her progress! Yippee for Zoya!
    LLOOVVEE her pink chair!

  3. oh you are doing a great job with her!

    she is beautiful!!! and wtg on the walking

  4. Go Zoya Go Zoya Go Zoya : )
    This little girl has come so far in just a very short period of time, it just show us all what love can do : ) I love the Mya and Zoya photo bestest pals!

    Hugs : ) love reading about your girl : ) what a blessing she is to all : )


  5. She is so stinkin cute!! I always love the pics of her. It just makes u smile!! She is doing awesome!!

  6. I don't know what's worse, the sound of a kid chewing sand, or the thought of the sand coming out the other end. :-) Kevin used to eat sand until we gave away that cute turtle sand box. Love the pictures and seeing how well she is doing, and how much she loves and is loved with every post!

    Sue M.

  7. What a great chair!

    :) Ms. Zoya is really making great strides!